Diesel and Gas-Engine Power Plants in Madagascar & Reunion
Location: Madagascar
Operator: Hydelec Madagascar
Configuration: 9 X 1.33-MW
Operation: 2000
Fuel: diesel oil
E/G supplier: MTU
Quick facts: This is Madagascar's first IPP. The site is in the eastern outskirts of Antananarivo and there is a Jirama power plant and another IPP nearby. The plant was built in 5 months and connected to the grid on 17 Jul 2000. The project included a 160,000l oil storage tank and a 4,500l day tank.

Photograph courtesy of Hydelec Madagascar
Posted 15 Feb 2008

Location: Madagascar
Operator: Jiro sy Rano Malagasy (JIRAMA)
Configuration: 270 kW
Operation: ??
Fuel: diesel oil
E/G supplier: ??
Quick facts: This is one of Jirama's dozens of isolated diesel power plants. Foulpointe (also known as Mahavelona) is a small coastal town 50km from Tamatave. There is a small tourist trade.

Photograph courtesy of www.madanight.com
Posted 15 Feb 2008

Location: Madagascar
Operator: Jiro sy Rano Malagasy (JIRAMA)
Configuration: 4 X 10 MW 18V38 engines
Operation: 2007
Fuel: heavy oil
E/G supplier: Wartsila
EPC: Wartsila
Quick facts: This tunkey plant was awarded to Wartsila in Oct 2006. The €30mn project was financed by a 51% grant from the Dutch government and a 10yr commercial loan with credit insurance from the Dutch. The new plant allowed JIRAMA to discontinue load shedding on the Antananarivo grid. The brownfield Mandroseza was size-constrained and also 300km from adequate port facilities up steep, narrow roads with a large number of inadequate bridges. Accordingly, the engines were transported using heavy-lift aircraft to the Antananarivo airport from where they can be readily transported by road to the site. These are the largest and heaviest Wärtsilä engines that have ever been transported by air, and will require seven flights. Union Fenosa is the plant O&M contractor.

Photograph courtesy of Wartsila
Posted 13 Oct 2008

Location: Reuinon
Operator: Electricite de France - Reunion
Configuration: 12 X 18.5-MW 18V48/60
Operation: 2013
Fuel: heavy oil
E/G supplier: MAN Diesel SE, Siemens
EPC: MAN Diesel SE, Eiffage Clemessy
Quick facts: In Oct 2008, Electricité de France PEI SAS placed the largest order in MAN Diesel's history, fifty-four 18V48/60 engines totaling 1,025 MW to be installed in six power stations in Réunion, Guadeloupe and Martinique, French Guyana, and on Corsica. The engines will be assembled in Saint-Nazaire. Each genset, weights 375t and has an output of about 25,100 HP. The two biggest power stations, on Réunion and Guadeloupe, are equipped with twelve sets. The first genset at Port-Est was synchronized on 10 Jul 2012 and the plant went commercial on 11 Oct 2013. The project cost about €500mn.

Photograph courtesy of Eiffage Clemessy
Re-posted 19 Feb 2017


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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