Diesel and Gas-Engine Power Plants in Greece
Ano Liossia Landfill Phase I
Location: Athens
Operator: Energy Developments Ltd
Configuration: 12 X 1.25-MW
Fuel: landfill gas
Operation: 2001-2002
E/G supplier: ??
EPC: Tomi
Quick facts: This is one of the largest landfills in Greece and is the only such facility in Attica. Electricity is sold to PPC via a 20kV substation. EDL owns 50% of the project.

Photograph courtesy of Energy Developments Ltd
Posted 13 Jun 2007

Location: Crete
Operator: Public Power Corp
Configuration: 2 X 51 MW 12K90M-C engines
Fuel: heavy oil
Operation: 2004
E/G supplier: Mitsui MAN B&W
EPC: BWSC, Mitsui, Athena
Quick facts: This greenfield site is in southeastern Crete.

Photograph courtesy of Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S
Posted 22 Mar 2006

Chios Extension
Location: Chios Island
Operator: Public Power Corp
Configuration: 1 X 14.8 MW 9K60MC-S-C engine
Fuel: heavy oil
Operation: 2008
E/G supplier: MAN B&W, HSD
Quick facts: This machine is the fifth two-stroke, low-speed diesel power plant purchased from MAN B&W for the island of Chios. The turnkey plant was ordered in Jan 2005 and has an engine supplied by MAN B&Ws Korean licensee HSD Engine Co. In Mar 2008, PPC placed an order for another 9K60MC-S engine for service in 2009, this with another MAN Diesel Korean licensee, Doosan Engine Co Ltd.

Photograph courtesy of MAN B&W Diesel
Posted 15 Mar 2008

Thermie Serres
Location: Athens
Operator: Thermie Serres SA
Configuration: 4 X 4 MW TCG2032V16 engines CHP
Fuel: natural gas
Operation: 2004
E/G supplier: Deutz
EPC: Deutz, ABO AG Energie + Anlagen
Quick facts:In 2000, Thermie Serres SA applied for a license for this gas-engine CHP power station near Omonia Athletic Park 1.5km outside the city limits of Serres. In April 2007, four Deutz engines were ordered for the plant and these were commissioned later in the year. Thermal capacity is 91.5 MWt. The plant cost 42mn and was the largest of its kind in Greece to that date.

Photograph by dimirgr (Panoramio)
Posted 10 Nov 2010


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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