Diesel and Gas-Engine Power Plants in Europe - other countries
Location: Finland
Operator: HSY Helsingin Seudun Ymparistopalvelut
Configuration: 4 X 3.75 MW TCG 2032 CHP
Fuel: landfill gas
Operation: 2010
E/G supplier: MWM
Quick facts: This power stations consumes LFG from the largest landfill in the Nordic countries. Annual production is 65-70mn m³. In 2004, gas began to be collected and dried before being piped 11km for use in a Helsinki district heating plant and planning for the power plant began in 2007. The €15mn plant is connected to the grid at 110kv. A 1.75-MW Turboden ORC turbine is installed to utilize heat taken off the thermal oil loop.

Photograph courtesy of HSY Helsingin Seudun Ymparistopalvelut
Posted 11 Dec 2011

Belo Jardim
Location: Azores (Portugal)
Operator: Empresa de Electricidade dos Acores
Configuration: 4 X 3 MW K8 Major, 2 X 6 MW 9L40/45, 2 X 12 MW 12V48/60B
Fuel: heavy oil
Operation: 1985-2005
E/G supplier: Mirrlees, MAN B&W, Sepsa, Brush
EPC: Pinto, BWSC
Quick facts: In Jan 2004, BWSC signed a contract for turnkey delivery of a 24-MW extension to Belo Jardim with completion of the first set within eight months. A previous extension was delivered by BWSC from 1997 to 2003.

Photograph courtesy of Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S
Posted 25 Mar 2006

Location: Cyprus
Operator: Kibris Enerji Santrali
Configuration: 102.5-MW combined-cycle diesel power plant with 18V46 engines
Operation: 2003-2011
Fuel: heavy oil
HRSG supplier: Aalborg
E/G supplier: Wartsila, ABB, Dresser
Quick facts: Aksa Enerji Uretim AS, a private Turkish company, runs this power station in Northern Cyprus and is committed to supply fixed amounts of guaranteed power and energy to Kib-Tek. The first two engines went into operation in Sep 2003. In 2011, Kalecik was converted to cobined-cycle operation with HRSGs and a 15-MW steam set.

Photograph courtesy of Aksa
Posted 7 May 2011

Location: Slovenia
Operator: ECOS doo
Configuration: 3 X 1.42 MW J420 engines CHP
Fuel: biogas
Operation: 2008
E/G supplier: Jenbacher
Quick facts: The Bioplinarna biogas power complex is near the Hungarian border and went online in June 2008. One of the engines has a pilot CO.Ra ORC heat recovery system developed by Jenbacher. This increases engine thermal efficiency by about 5%.

Photograph courtesy of Jenbacher
Posted 6 Mar 2011

Location: France
Operator: Véolia Propreté
Configuration: 4 X 2.7-MW J620 engines, 5 X 1.1-MW J416 engines, 1 X 1-MW J320 engine, all CHP
Fuel: landfill gas
Operation: 2014
E/G supplier: Jenbacher
EPC: Clarke Energy, Dalkia
Quick facts: The new Electr'od LFG power plant in Plessis-Gassot was inaugurated in Jun 2014. It is the first J620 engine installation on LFG in France. and the country's first district-heating scheme using LFG.

Photograph courtesy of Clarke Energy
Posted 15 Jun 2014

Poitevinière ISDND
Location: France
Operator: Brangeon Group
Configuration: 2 X 330-kW JMC208GS-LL engines
Fuel: landfill gas
Operation: 2013
E/G supplier: Jenbacher
EPC: Clarke Energy
Quick facts: These are the first J208 engines in France. Thermal output is used to warm the leachate in order to enhance later biological treatment. The project delivery also included a containerized boiler to burn LFG excess to gas burn in the engines. The boiler is used as a backup during maintenance operations to avoid stopping the biogas combustion and to ensure the reimbursement of the General Tax on Polluting Activities.

Photograph courtesy of Clarke Energy
Posted 10 Dec 2013

Location: Portugal
Operator: CapWatt SGPS SA
Configuration: 1 x 7.425-MW 16V34SG engine CHP
Fuel: natural gas
Operation: 2004
E/G supplier: Wartsila
Quick facts: This cogen plant is at the Parque de Negocios de Empresas Sonae - PNES (business park) in Maia, Porto.

Photograph courtesy of CapWatt SGPS SA
Posted 5 May 2017

Location: Slovakia
Operator: Kordservice SK jsc
Configuration: 2 X 6.5 MW CHP
Operation: 2003
Fuel: gas
E/G supplier: ??
EPC: Istroenergo Group as
Quick facts: This CHP Plant is located at the large textile works of Slovensky Hodvab.

Photograph courtesy of Istroenergo
Posted 10 Dec 2006

Location: Cyprus
Operator: KIB-TEK KKTC Elektrik Kurumu
Configuration: 4 X 17.5 MW 18V46
Operation: 2007
Fuel: heavy oil
E/G supplier: Wartsila
EPC: Wartsila, Öncü İnşaat Turizm Sanayi ve Ticaret AS
Quick facts: This is an extension to the largest power station in Northern Cyprus. Two more 18V46 engines were installed the following year. The site is at Girne (Kyrenia), a town on the island's northern coast which was founded at the end of the Trojan War.

Photograph courtesy of Öncü İnşaat Turizm Sanayi ve Ticaret AS
Posted 19 Aug 2009

Teting Landfill
Location: France
Operator: Gastech SNC
Configuration: 2 X 1.4 MW
Fuel: landfill gas
Operation: 2004
E/G supplier: Jenbacher
Quick facts: This project was a 50:50 JV with with Energy Developments Ltd.

Photograph courtesy of Energy Developments Ltd
Posted 8 Feb 2006

Ulrichamn Landfill
Location: Sweden
Operator: Ulricehamns Energi
Configuration: 2 X 9 kW Gasbox CHP
Fuel: landfill gas
Operation: 2015
System supplier: Cleanergy
EPC: Cleanergy
Quick facts: This project at the Ovreskog Landfill in Ulricehamn uses two Cleanergy stirling engine Gasbox systems.

Photograph courtesy of Cleanergy
Posted 22 Nov 2015

Uhy Landfill
Location: Czech Republic
Operator: ASA Abfall Service AG
Configuration: 1 X 340 kW H24GLD
Fuel: landfill gas
Operation: 2004
E/G supplier: Waukesha, Motorgas
EPC: Motorgas
Quick facts: Near Prague

Photograph courtesy of Motorgas sro
Posted 4 May 2013


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