Diesel Power Plants in the Caribbean - other countries
Cane Hall
Location: St Vincent
Operator: St Vincent Electricity Services Ltd
Configuration: 8 engines, 19.7 MW
Operation: 1973-2004
E/G supplier: Allen, Caterpillar, Stork, Wartsila

Photograph courtesy of St Vincent Electricity Services Ltd
Posted 22 Jun 2016

Location: St Lucia
Operator: St Lucia Electricity Services Ltd
Configuration: 3 X 6.3 MW 6M601 engines, 4 X 9.4 MW 12V46 engines, 1 X 11.4-MW 12V46 engine
Operation: 1990-2005
Fuel: diesel oil
E/G supplier: MAK, Wartsila, Brush, ABB
EPC: Kennedy & Donkin, PB Power, Wartsila
Quick facts: This power station supplies virtually all of St Lucia's electricity..

Photograph courtesy of St Lucia Electricity Services Ltd
Re-posted 25 Jan 2012

Location: Bermuda
Operator: BELCO
Configuration: 2 X 12.5 MW 8K67GSCA engines, 2 X 10.5 MW 16ZA40S engines, 4 X 14.5 MW 14V48/60 engines
Operation: 1984-2005
Fuel: heavy oil
E/G supplier: MAN B&W, Sulzer, Zgoda, GEC
EPC: BELCO, Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor, Mott McDonald
Quick facts: The total investment in East Power Station (EPS) is $153mn. The EPS extension was BELCO's first generation project under new environmental regulations. Special measures were taken to reduce noise and the engines were fitted with taller stacks to meet air-quality regulations in the Pembroke Basin. The adjacent WPS power plant has eight gas turbines.

Photograph courtesy of BELCO Holdings
Posted 18 Feb 2006

Lowmans Bay
Location: St Vincent
Operator: St Vincent Electricity Services Ltd
Configuration: 4 X 4.3-MW 9L32/40 engines
Operation: 2007-2010
Fuel: LFO, HFO
E/G supplier: MAN Diesel
EPC: MAN Diesel
Quick facts: In May 2004, Vinlec received loans from the Caribbean Development Bank ($18.3mn) and the European Investment Bank ($10mn) for a new power station at Lowmans Bay on the southwestern coast of St Vincent. PB Power Ltd was the engineering consultant on the project. In Dec 2004, a US$22.5mn, turnkey contract was awarded to MAN B&W Canada for two medium-speed gensets. The first phase development cost US$37mn. Tow more engines were added in 2010.

Photograph courtesy of MAN Diesel
Posted 13 Mar 2013

North Sound
Location: Cayman Islands
Operator: Caribbean Utilities Co Ltd
Configuration: 3 X 12.25-MW 12V48/60 engines, 1 X 16 MW 14V48/60 engine
Operation: 2000-2007
Fuel: diesel oil
E/G supplier: Man B&W
EPC: Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor, Hadsphaltic
Quick facts: Installation of the the first two engines cost $30mn. The sets have advanced engine diagnostics, additional soundproofing, an array of fuel efficiency improvements, and specially-strengthened construction for protection against hurricanes. In May 2006, MAN B&W and BWSC were contracted to supply a new unit for North Sound, a heavy-fuel-oil-compatible 16 MW 14V48/60 machine. The new unit was opened on 10 Aug 2007 and cost about $18.4mn.

Photograph by Miguel Escalante and courtesy of Caribbean Utilities Co Ltd
Re-posted 19 Sep 2007

Queens Park
Location: Grenada
Operator: Grenada Electricity Services Ltd
Configuration:  2 X 1.9 MW 12RK, 1 X 5 MW 16V32, 2 X 5.5 MW, 1 X 7,.5 MW 12CM32 engines
Operation: 1984-2003
Fuel: heavy fuel oil, diesel
E/G supplier: MAK, MAN B&W, Ruston, Wartsila
Quick facts: This plant provides virtually all of Grenada's electricity and two 8-MW Wartsila 18V32 engines are under construction for service in 2006. Grenlec has much smaller plants on Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Photograph courtesy of Grenada Electricity Services Ltd
Posted 14 Oct 2005

Spring Garden
Location: Barbados
Operator: Barbados Light & Power Co
Configuration: 4 X 12.5-MW 12L55GFCA engines, 2 X 30-MW 9K80MC-S engines, 2 X 20 MW steam T/G , 1 X 17.5-MW Olympus gas turbine
Commissioning: 1969-2005
Fuel: diesel oil, fuel oil,
E/G supplier: MAK, MAN B&W, Ruston, Wartsila, Brush, MAN B & W, ASEA, Hyundai
Quick facts: This is the largest power station in Barbados. Two of the 12.5-MW gensets are in combined cycle with a 1.5-MW steam set and the two 30-MW engines are in combined-cycle with a 2-MW steam T/G. The Olympus gas turbine was retired ca 2005.

Photograph courtesy of Barbados Light & Power Co Ltd
Re-posted 4 Nov 2015


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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