Diesel Power Plants in Cameroon, Gabon & the Congo Republic
Location: Gabon
Operator: Societe d’Electricite, de Telephone et d’Eau du Gabon
Configuration: 4 X 17.5 MW 18V51/60DF engines
Operation: 2011
Fuel: natural gas, diesel oil
E/G supplier: MAN B&W
EPC: Telemania
Quick facts :In Mar 2010, construction began at the €100mn Alenakiri diesel power station in Owendo, a port town comprising a southwestern suburb of Libreville. The output is shared by Societe d'Energie et d'Eau du Gabon and the Gabon Special Economic Zone at Nkok.

Photograph courtesy of Telemania
Posted 31 Jul 2013

Location: Cameroon
Operator: Kribi Power Development Co
Configuration: 9 X 17.1 MW 18V50DF engines
Operation: 2013
Fuel: natural gas, heavy oil
E/G supplier: Wartsila
EPC: Wartsila
Quick facts: Plant owner Kribi Power Development Co (KPDC) is an SPV with 56% of shares held by the AES Group and 44% by the Government of Cameroon. Kribi iwas the first gas-fired power station oin Cameroon.The first genset at Kribi was connected on 28 Dec 2012 and the other gensets were all connected by the end of Jan. Commissioning was done with diesel oil as the gas supplier, state-owned SNH, was unable to supply gas on th contractually approved date of 21 December 2012.

Photograph courtesy of AES Sonel
Posted 2 Oct 2013

Location: Cameroon
Operator: AES Sonel
Configuration: 5 X 17.1 MW 18V46 engines
Operation: 2004
Fuel: heavy oil
E/G supplier: Wartsila
EPC: Wartsila
Quick facts: The plant is located adjacent to the Sonara refinery at Cape Limboh. Financing supported by Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund, FMO, and Finnvera plus other local and international financial institutions.

Photograph courtesy of Wartsila
Posted 12 Jun 2005

Location: Congo Republic
Operator: Societe Nationale d'Energie
Configuration: 8 X 3.2 MW
Operation: 2007
Fuel: diesel oil, light fuel oil
E/G supplier: Anglo Belgian Corp
EPC: Delegation Generale des Grands Travaux, Procob SA
Quick facts: In Aug 2005, construction got underway on this new diesel power plant in northern Brazzaville and the plant was completed in Oct 2007. The project was built to reduce power outages in the capital and included new 30kV and 6.6kV KV lines and two 30-MVA main transformers. The project cost €32mn and was financed in part by the Belgian government.

Photograph courtesy of Delegation Generale des Grands Travaux
Posted 30 Aug 2008

Location: Cameroon
Operator: Kribi Power Development Co
Configuration: 8 X 10.75 MW 18V38 engines
Operation: 2009
Fuel: heavy oil
E/G supplier: Wartsila
EPC: Wartsila
Quick facts: This project was completed in 27mos. It was implemented through a bridge loan of €60mn from five local banks, Afriland First Bank, BICEC, CA-SCB Cameroon, ECOBANK and Standard Chartered Bank. In addition, equity was provided by the GOC and and AES. The scheme was refinance with a a long-term, €68mn agreement with a group of lenders including the African Development Bank (AfDB), International Finance Corporation (IFC), and the Dutch finance corporation FMO. This 14yr funding represents 75% of total project costs.

Photograph courtesy of AES Sonel
Posted 6 Oct 2013


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

Updated 06-Oct-2013