Diesel and Gas-Engine Power Plants in Australia
Appin Colliery
Location: NSW
Operator: Energy Developments Ltd
Configuration: 54 X 1- MW G3516 engines
Fuel: coal seam methane
Operation: 1996
E/G supplier: Caterpillar
Quick facts: This PS is 75km south of Sydney.

Photograph courtesy of Energy Developments Ltd
Posted 7 Oct 2015

Location: QLD
Operator: APA Group
Configuration: 11 X 3.041 MW JGS 620 GS-NL engines
Fuel: coal seam methane
Operation: 2006-2007
E/G supplier: Jenbacher
EPC: APA Group
Quick facts: In Jun 2006, APA concluded agreements with Arrow Energy (AOE) to build, own and operate this $A29mn power station at Kogan, west of Brisbane. The facility is powered by approximately 2PJ/yr of coal seam gas from Arrow Energy’s nearby Daandine gas field. Electricity generated is supplied to the southern Queensland grid. The power station is located adjacent to APA’s Kogan North Central Gas Processing Facility which processes coal-seam gas for delivery into the Roma to Brisbane Pipeline.

Photograph courtesy of APA Group
Re-posted 13 Jan 2008

Glennies Creek
Location: NSW
Operator: Envirogen Pty Ltd
Configuration: 10 X 1.01-MW JGS 320 GS-SL engines
Fuel: mines gas
Operation: 2007
E/G supplier: Jenbacher
EPC: Clarke Energy
Quick facts: In Nov 2007, Envirogen commissioned its fourth CBM power station at Glennies Creek Colliery, near Singleton, one of the newer underground coal mines in the Hunter Valley. The project was initially supported by grants from the Australian Greenhouse Office.

Photograph courtesy of Clarke Energy
Posted 12 Jan 2011

Lord Howe Island
Location: NSW
Operator: Lord Howe Island Board
Configuration: 4 X 300 kW Series 60 engines
Fuel: diesel oil
Operation: 2008
E/G supplier: MTU Detroit Diesel
Quick facts: Lord Howe Island is in the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand and about 700km from mainland Australia. It was discovered in 1788 by Lieutenant Henry Lidgbird Ball, commander of the First Fleet ship Supply, and Ball named the uninhabited island after British Admiral Richard Howe. The island was first settled in 1834 and now has about 350 inhabitants. The Lord Howe Island Board is a NSW Statutory Authority established under the Lord Howe Island Act 1953 to administer the island, which is part of New South Wales.

Photograph courtesy of Lord Howe Island Board
Posted 20 Jun 2009

Moranbah North
Location: QLD
Operator: Energy Developments Ltd
Configuration: 15 X 3-MW J620 engines
Fuel: mines gas
Operation: 2009
E/G supplier: Jenbacher
EPC: Clarke Energy
Quick facts: The Anglo Coal Moranbah North mine is located in the northern part of Queensland's Bowen Basin about 1,100km north of Brisbane. This A$60mn power station using coal mine waste gas gas is a follow-on to the EDL German Creek project in central QLD. The new power station was formally opened on 29 Sep 2009 by Queensland Minister for Mines and Energy Stephen Robertson.

Photograph courtesy of Energy Developments Ltd
Posted 3 Oct 2009

Mount Isa X41
Location: QLD
Operator: Xstrata plc
Configuration: 11 X 3.041 MW JGS 620 GS-NL engines
Fuel: natural gas
Operation: 2007
E/G supplier: Jenbacher
EPC: Clarke Energy, APA Group
Quick facts: On 5 Nov 2007, the Premier of Queensland, the Hon Anna Bligh MP, opened an A$38mn development which includes a new power station and upgrades to the electricity infrastructure in northwest Queensland. The power station is wholly owned by APA Group and supplies the Mount Isa mines, copper smelter, and zinc-lead concentrator, the George Fisher Mine, and CopperCo’s Lady Annie Project 120km north of Mount Isa. These capital improvements and the X41 power station represent an investment of more than A$400mn. The power station receives gas via APA’s Carpentaria Gas Pipeline and its Mount Isa Town Lateral Pipeline, then recently upgraded at a cost of A$3mn.

Photograph courtesy of APA Group
Reposted 13 Jan 2008

Mount St John WWTP
Location: QLD
Operator: Stanwell Corp
Configuration: 1 X 115 kW BK 2876T1 engine
Operation: 2000
Fuel: digester gas
E/G supplier: MAN B&W, Stamford
Quick facts: This is one of two Stanwell Corp biogas power plants at Citiwater treatment works in Townsville.

Photograph courtesy of Stanwell Corp
Posted 20 Oct 2004

Owen Springs
Location: NT
Operator: Power & Water Corp
Configuration: 3 X 10.9 MW 12V51/60DF engines
Operation: 2010
Fuel: natural gas, diesel oil
E/G supplier: MAN Diesel & Turbo
Quick facts: In Sep 2010, final testing began on this A$160mn power station at Alice Springs. The dual-fuel engines were ordered in 2008 and shipped to the site from Saint Nazaire. Construction got underway in Oct 2009. In addition to the engines, the project includes two 66kV transmission circuits between the power station switchyard and Lovegrove substations and a gas pipeline lateral from the Palm Valley/Alice Springs pipeline to Owen Springs.

Photograph courtesy of MAN Diesel & Turbo
Posted 1 Dec 2010

Plutonic Mine-2
Location: WA
Operator: Barrick Mining Co (Australia) Ltd
Configuration: 4 X 4.1 MW 18V34SG engines
Operation: 1997
Fuel: natural gas
E/G supplier: Wartsila
Quick facts: This gas power plant runs in parallel to an older diesel plant to supply baseload electricity for a remote gold mine 940km northeast of Perth.

Photograph courtesy of Wartsila
Posted 10 Jul 2005

Ron Goodin
Location: NT
Operator: Power & Water Corp
Configuration: 60 MW
Operation: 1974-1987
Fuel: diesel oil, natural gas
E/G supplier: SEMT, Mirrlees
Quick facts: The Ron Goodin power station serves the famously remote town of Alice Springs in Australia's Northern Territory.

Photograph courtesy of Power and Water Authority
Posted 11 Jul 2001

Rottnest Island
Location: WA
Operator: Rottnest Island Authority
Configuration: 5 X 300 kW KTA19G2 engines
Operation: 1987-1996
Fuel: diesel oil
E/G supplier: Cummins, Stamford
Quick facts: Rottnest Island is 19km offshore from the coast of Western Australia, not far from Perth. It was at different times an Aboriginal penal settlement, a World War I POW camp, a place for salt gathering, and a World War II military installation. It is now a regional holiday resort with superb beaches and snorkeling.

Photograph courtesy of Rottnest Island Authority
Posted 31 Mar 2001

Location: QLD
Operator: Selwyn Mines Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 2.9 MW 12RK270 engines
Operation: 1987 (ret 2003)
Fuel: diesel oil
E/G supplier: Ruston
Quick facts: Two gensets supplied baseload electricity to the Selwyn copper-gold mine site 150km southeast of Mt Isa, QLD. Mining and processing of copper-gold ores started in Nov 1987, stopped in Mar1999 due to financial difficulties of the owners, restarted in Mar 2000, and stopped again in 2003.

Photograph courtesy of GEC Alsthom Paxman
Posted 31 Jan 2001

Location: QLD
Operator: DDC Energy Services
Configuration: 3 X 1.5 MW engines CHP
Operation: 2007
Fuel: natural gas
E/G supplier: MTU
EPC: DDC Energy Services, Synchrotec, Boilerland
Quick facts: This central energy project was built from Feb-Nov 2006. It is designed to provide all of KR Castlemaine Foods electrical and thermal energy, with surplus electricity available for export to the grid as required by ERGON to meet local demand. DDCES will own and operate the plant for 15yrs.

Photograph courtesy of DDC Energy Services Pty Ltd
Posted 28 Mar 2010

Location: TAS
Operator: Hydro Tasmania
Configuration: 1 X 550 kW, 1 X 720 kW, 1 X 300 kW, 1 X 1.2 MW
Operation: 1984
Fuel: diesel oil
E/G supplier: Caterpillar, Stamford
Quick facts: This DPP is in Whitemark township on Flinders Island which is situated in the Bass Strait about 60km off the northeast coast of Tasmania. The island has an 11kV distribution network.

Photograph courtesy of Hydro Tasmania
Posted 19 Jan 2015

Yarra Aurora
Location: VIC
Operator: Yarra Valley Water
Configuration: 2 X 530-kW GSV12 engines CHP
Operation: 2017
Fuel: biogas
E/G supplier: MAN
EPC: Aquatec-Maxcon, Weltec
Quick facts: This is the first project of its kind in Australia. The facility diverts 33,000 tpy of commercial food waste from landfill and uses digesters built next to an existing STP at Epping North, Whittlesea. Construction started in Oct of 2015 and commissioning began in Sep 2016, with full operation commencing in May 2017.

Photograph courtesy of Weltec
Posted 16 Jul 2017


Data: industcards, S&P Global Market Intelligence World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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