Diesel and Gas-Engine Power Plants in Africa - other countries
Ascension Island
Location: Ascension Island
Operator: U.S. Air Force
Configuration: 1 X 1.5 MW, 3 X 1.9 MW
Operation: 1995
Fuel: diesel oil
E/G supplier: Cat, MHI, Cooper
Quick facts: INL Power Systems Engineering Department personnel, in conjunction with the US Air Force, US Navy and other partners, designed a combined 7-MW prime power diesel power and 60,000 gal/day flash evaporator desalinization plant to support mission operations at Ascension Island for the US Air Force Space Command.

Photograph courtesy of Idaho National Laboratory
Posted 10 May 2006

Location: Chad
Operator: Societe Nationale d'Electricite (SNE)
Configuration: 7 X 8.6 MW 20V32 engines
Operation: 2012
Fuel: HFO, LFO
E/G supplier: Wartsila
EPC: Wartsila, Setuba, SDEM, STEG
Quick facts: In Mar 2011, Wartsila began work on Farcha-2 and the project completed about a year later. The cost was about CFA 48.5bn.

Photograph courtesy of STEG
Posted 7 Sep 2016

Fort Victoria
Location: Mauritius
Operator: Central Electric Board
Configuration: 7 X 6 MW, 2 X 9 MW, 2 X 10 MW
Operation: 1974-2010
Fuel: fuel oil
E/G supplier: Mirrlees, MAN B&W, Wartsila, Brush
Quick facts: On 7 Oct 2010, two 16V46 Wartsila engines were commissioned at Ft Victoria, thereby completing the build out of the Ft Victoria No 1 plant. The project was awarded in Apr 2009 and cost Rs 1.6bn. The expected annual production of 240 GWh amounts to about 10% of CEB's demand. The new stack is 65m tall. The tender for the Rs 3bn Phase 2 project was launched in Apr 2010. The project was awarded in April 2010.

Photograph courtesy of BWSC
Posted 7 May 2011

Hirgigo (Massawa)
Location: Eritrea
Operator: Eritrea Electric Authority
Configuration: 4 X 22.5 MW 12K60MCS engines
Operation: 1998
Fuel: heavy oil
E/G supplier: MAN B&W, HSD
EPC: Hyundai, Daewoo, Lahmeyer International
Quick facts: Eritrea’s main power station is this slow-speed diesel plant at Hirgigo in the port area of Massawa sufficient to supply about 70% of the country’s electricity demand. SWECO completed the feasibility study for the new site. The $158mn project was funded by Italy and five Arab banks.

Photograph courtesy of www.madote.com
Re-posted 23 Jan 2013

Mabruk Field
Location: Libya
Operator: Mabruk Oil (Pétroles Total Libye)
Configuration: 2 X 8.6-MW 18V32/40
Operation: 2005
Fuel: crude oil
E/G supplier: MAN Diesel SE
Quick facts: Mabruk oil field development started in 1994 and required innovative technologies like horizontal and multilateral drain drilling to achieve economic production from tight and complex formations. As part of a field expansion, a new power plant was constructed in the GOSP area for the entire oil field and the associated camp. Power plant construction lasted 13.5mos. The MAN gensets sets replaced smaller engines running on truck-delivered distillate fuel oil. The local crude was extensively tested and the engines modified to take the high-paraffin, low-flash point material which is pumped and stored nearby.

Photograph courtesy of MAN Diesel SE
Posted 19 Jul 2008

Marsa Alam
Location: Egypt
Operator: EMAK for Utilities & Services
Configuration: 4 X 4.3-MW engines
Operation: 2001
Fuel: diesel oil
E/G supplier: MAN B&W
EPC: BWSC, Engineering Consultants Group, EGYDAN
Quick facts: This project is part of a complete public utilities concession scheme including potable water, irrigation, wastewater, waste disposal, electricity, and telecommunications. Marsa Alam is a growing tourist destination at about the mid-point of Egypt's coastline on the western shore of the Red Sea.

Photograph courtesy of Engineering Consultants Group SA
Posted 23 Nov 2012


Location: Seychelles
Operator: Public Utilties Corp
Configuration: ca 15 engines, 78 MW
Operation: 1972-2001
Fuel: HFO, diesel oil
E/G supplier: Mirrlees, Sulzer

Photograph by Jean-Pierre Bovin
Posted 1 Jan 2015


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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