Wave and Tidal Hydroelectric Plants
Location: Portugal
Operator: Pelamis Wave Power Ltd
Configuration: 3 X 750 kW Pelamis converters
Operation: 2008
T/G supplier: Pelamis Wave Power
Quick facts: The three Pelamis units making up the Aguçadoura wave farm were the world’s first, multi-unit, wave farm. After some weeks of operation, the wave snakes were returned to shore for reconfiguration of the bearings.

Photograph courtesy of Pelamis Wave Power
Posted 16 Jan 2009

Location: Australia
Operator: Carnegie Wave Energy Ltd
Configuration: 1 X 5 MW
Operation: 2011
T/G supplier: ??
Quick facts: In Jan 2010, Carnegie Wave Energy began construction on its Perth Wave Energy Project in Fremantle, WA. The company has a proprietary buoyant actuator technology called CETO which uses offshore wave power converters to deliver high-pressure seawater to drive shore-based conventional Pelton hydroelectric turbines. Stage one of the project includes deployment of a single stand-alone, 5-MW CETO unit in the Sepia Depression, between Garden Island and Five Fathom Bank. This will be the first commercial scale wave energy unit to be deployed in Australia. Project funding includes a A$12.5mn million grant from the Western Australian Government.

Photograph courtesy of Carnegie Wave Energy Ltd
Posted 1 Dec 2010

East River Pilot
Location: USA
Operator: Verdant Power LLC
Configuration: 1 X 32 kW axial
Operation: 2006
T/G supplier: Verdant Power
Quick facts: Initiated in 2002, the Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy (RITE) project is installed in the New York's East River, along the eastern shore of Roosevelt Island. In three phases, the RITE Project is planned to progress from six to 100-300 tidal turbines running in rows. At full capacity the project could provide 10MW of power. The kinetic hydropower turbine is the first turbine capable of fully bidirectional tidal operation.

Photograph by Tom Armistead
Posted 27 Jun 2007


Location: Russia
Operator: Kolenergo
Configuration: 1 X 400 kW orthogonal
Operation: 2004-2007
T/G supplier: Sevmash
Quick facts: This tidal power plant is on the Kola Peninsula in Murmansk Oblast. The first version was built from 1964-1968. In 1970, the power plant was transferred to Kolenergo and it operated until 1994 with a 400-kW bulb turbine from Neyrpic. In 2004, the plant was rebuilt with a new-design orthogonal turbine built by Sevmash. In December 2005, Sevmash and Ingeocom contracted to build and install a 1.5-MW turbine in a floating unit that will be towed to the Kislogubskaya site.

Photograph courtesy of Sevmash
Posted 5 Sep 2006

La Rance
Location: France
Operator: Electricite de France
Configuration: 24 X 10 MW bulb
Operation: 1966
T/G supplier: Neyrpic, Alsthom-Jeumont
EPC: EDF, Tramarance, Sogea
Quick facts: This structure across the Rance River near its mouth at the Gulf of Malmo houses the world's largest tidal power plant. After decades of study and evaluation, construction began in 1960.
The project involves a 330m dam with the powerhouse, a lock to allow the passage of small craft, a 165m rockfill dam, and a mobile weir with 6 gates to rapidly balance the reservoir level. The system takes advantage of a tidal range of up to 13m. The turbines are 5.4m in diameter. Average output is 600 GWh/yr and the plant is connected to the regional 225kV network.

Photograph by Claude Pauquet and courtesy of EDF
Re-posted 20 Jun 2007

Location: Northern Ireland
Marine Current Turbines Ltd
Configuration: 1 X 1.2 MW
Operation: 2008
T/G supplier: Marine Current Turbines
Quick facts: This machine was deployed in Apr 2008 in Strangford Lough, offshore County Down. It is the world's largest tidal stream turbine and the only one that is regularly generating power for the gird. In Sep 2010, ESP and MCT agreed to deploy a 100-MW plant with MCT turbines off the Antrim coast by 2018 or so.

Photograph courtesy of Electricity Supply Board
Posted 12 Sep 2010


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