Hydroelectric Plants in Utah
American Fork
Location: UT
Operator: Rocky Mountain Power
Configuration: 1 X 1.05 MW
Operation: 1913
T/G supplier: Pelton Water Wheel, Westinghouse
Quick facts: In Feb 2003, PacifiCorp, resource agencies, and conservation groups signed settlement agreement providing for the decommissioning of the American Fork power plant in Unita National Forest. In its early years, the Upper American Fork Project served the electrical needs of Lehi, American Fork and Pleasant Grove. It was built by Utah County Light and Power Co, eventually absorbed by Utah Power and then by PacifiCorp. The $3.8mn decommissioning project involves removing a 4ft high, 30ft wide concrete dam and scrapping the T/G set. A diversion pipeline collected water 2mi upstream and traversed the north wall of the canyon to the powerhouse. Above-ground portions will be dismantled and removed by helicopter. Title to the original stone powerhouse (shown) will be transferred to the U.S. Forest Service. Preliminary work got underway in Aug 2007. The even older Lower American Fork plant was decommissioned before 1970.

Photograph courtesy of Rocky Mountain Power
Posted 18 Aug 2007

Flaming Gorge
Location: UT
Operator: US Bureau of Reclamation
Configuration: 3 X 51 MW Francis
Operation: 1963-1964
T/G supplier: Leffel, WH
Quick facts: Construction of Flaming Gorge Dam started in 1958. The 502ft high and 1,180ft long impounds a reservoir 91mi long.

Photograph courtesy of USBR
Posted 28 Dec 2004

Jordanelle Dam<
Location: UT
Operator: Heber Light & Power
Configuration: 2 X 6.3 MW Francis
Operation: 2008
T/G supplier: VA TECH, Ideal
EPC: CH2M, WW Clyde & Co
Quick facts: This project on the Provo River was co-developed with Central Utah Water Conservancy District. It is not licensed by FERC but is authorized through a lease of power privilege from BUREC's Central Utah Project. The powerhouse is at the toe of the Jordanelle Dam and is served by a 72in connection from the outlet conduit. The project is expected to generate 39 GWh/yr. On 13 Dec 2007, the project was certified as a low impact project by the Low Impact Hydropower Institute.

Photograph courtesy of Low Impact Hydropower Institute
Posted 1 Sep 2008

Location: UT
Operator: PacifiCorp
Configuration: 2 X 2.4-MW, 1 X 1.8-MW, 1 X 5.5-MW Francis
Operation: 1904-1922 (ret)
T/G supplier: AC, IPM, GE, WH
Quick facts:
In the early 1900s, Lucien L Nunn, owner of the Gold King Mine near Telluride CO, began construction of this run-of-the-river HPP at the mouth of Provo Canyon in Orem UT. Water is diverted from the Provo River approximately 4.5mi up the canyon and conveyed through the Olmsted Flowline located along the foothills of Mt Timpanogos. The power plant was named after Fred Olsen, an engineering student who designed the water delivery system. In 1912, Utah Power & Light (later PacifiCorp) purchased the Olmsted HPP through the acquisition of Telluride Power Co and operated the power plant thereafter. In the 1980s, The USDOI took control of the Olmsted plant in connection with the development of the Central Utah Project, although the HPP continued to be operated by PacifCorp business unit Rocky Mountain Power. The plant was retired on 21 Sep 2015 after 111yrs of service. It will be replaced by a modern facility of similar size.

Photograph courtesy of US Dept of the Interior
Posted 9 Oct 2015


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

Updated 09-Oct-2015