Hydroelectric Plants in the USA - Minnesota
Dayton Hollow
Location: MN
Operator: Otter Tail Power Co
Configuration: 1 X 520 kW, 1 X 450 kW
Operation: 1909-1917
T/G supplier: WH
Quick facts: This was Otter Tail Power's first power plant. Two generators were installed in 1909 and a third added in 1917. One of the originalmachines was retired and removed in 1964. The dam forms a 209ac impoundment southwest of Fergus Falls.

Photograph courtesy of Otter Tail Power Co
Posted 19 Jul 2015

Fond du Lac
Location: MN
Operator: Minnesota Power
Configuration: 1 X 12 MW
Operation: 1924
T/G supplier: ??
Quick facts: Fond du Lac is part of the larger St. Louis River Hydroelectric Project which has four hydroelectric developments and five headwater reservoirs on various tributaries of the St Louis River in Minnesota. The Fond du Lac concrete arch dam has a length of 581ft and a 600ft earth dike ties the west dam abutment to high ground. An intake structure supports two penstocks with one 18-ft diameter riveted steel pipe installed. Dam construction began in 1923. A 10-MW expansion is planned.

Photograph courtesy of Allete
Posted 30 Jul 2008

Ford Hydro
Location: MN
Operator: Ford Motor Co
Configuration: 4 X 4.48 MW Francis
Operation: 1924
T/G supplier: Wellman-Seaver-Morgan, WH
Quick facts: This plant at Lock and Dam No 1 on the Mississippi River in Saint Paul was used to partially power the Twin Cities Assembly Plant. The hydroelectric plant was put up for sale in 2006.

Photograph by Mulad (wikipedia)
Posted 17 Feb 2007

Lake Zumbro
Location: MN
Operator: Rochester Public Utilities
Configuration: 2 X 1.3-MW Francis
Operation: 1919
T/G supplier: Pelton Water Wheel, GE
Quick facts: Lake Zumbro SHP was placed in service on 7 Nov 1919. The plant structures were refurbished n 1961 and automated controls were installed. In 1984, the generators were rebuilt.The facility consists of hte powerhouse and a 440ft dam and spillway across the Zumbro River. After almost 100yrs of operation, there is a considerable sediment load behind the dam and removal of the material is the current subject of local and regional planning and studies.

Photograph courtesy of Rochester Public Utilities
Posted 21 Dec 2015


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

Updated 21-Dec-2015