Hydroelectric Plants in the USA - Michigan & Wisconsin
Chippewa Falls
Location: WI
Operator: Northern States Powr Co Wisconsin
Configuration: 6 X 3.9-MW propeller
Operation: 1928
T/G supplier: AC, GE
Quick facts: The Chippewa Falls HPP was originally built at the site of an old lumber mill on the Chippewa River. It was the first HPP constructed by Northern States Power Co in Wisconsin. The dam a small, narrow reservoir extending 3mi upstream to the tailwater of Wissota HPP.

Photograph by Terry Bowe and courtesy of chippewa.com
Posted 17 Dec 2016

Location: WI
Operator: Northern States Powr Co Wisconsin
Configuration: 3 X 10-MW propeller, 1 X 800-kW Francis
Operation: 1913
T/G supplier: AC, EMC
Quick facts: Corneall is on the the Chippewa River and is operated remotely from Wissota. NSP acquired Cornell Hydro in 1929 from a paper company. At the time, the plant was 2.2 MW. In 1971, the paper mill terminated the lease and NSP planned a plant rebuild. This was Completed in 1977.

Photograph courtesy of Xcel
Posted 17 Dec 2016

Location: MI
Operator: We Energies
Configuration: 3 X 2.4 MW Francis
Operation: 1924
T/G supplier: Wellman-Seaver-Morgan, AC
Quick facts: Kingsford Hydroelectric HPP was part of Henry Ford's industrial development of Kingsford which began In the early 1920s. Ford closed Its Kingsford operations In Dec 1951, and the plant was acquired by Wisconsin Michigan Power Co in 1953. The 849ft long gravity dam has a concrete core and 10 steel radial gates, formting a 595ac reservoir. The concrete powerhouse is 69ft wide and 119ft long.

Photograph courtesy of We Energies
Posted 22 Aug 2012

Little Chute
Location: WI
Operator: Kaukauna Utilities
Configuration: 3 X 1.1 MW Kaplan
Operation: 1948
T/G supplier: AC
Quick facts: Part of the Fox River dam system.

Photograph courtesy of US Army Corps of Engineers
Posted 27 Dec 2004

Marquette Two
Location: MI
Operator: Marquette Board of Light & Power
Configuration: 2 X 1.6 MW Francis
Operation: 1922
T/G supplier: S Morgan Smith, GE
Quick facts: Provisions for this plant were made in 1916 when the city constructed a concrete **Y" junction at the site of Hydroelectric Plant Number One. The powerhouse Is brick with concrete window ornamentation, designed by Orbison and Orbison of Appleton, WI, and cost $41,750. The original dam was replaced by the present dam In 1937.

Photograph courtesy of Marquette Board of Light & Power
Posted 4 Jul 2004

Old Badger
Location: WI
Operator: Kaukauna Utilities
Configuration: 2 X 1 MW
Operation: 1908 (ret)
T/G supplier: S Morgan Smith, GE
Quick facts: The Old Badger Powerhouse is on the Fox River and is part of the Badger-Rapide Croche hydroelectric Project. KU built a new power station to replace the Old Badger and New Badger stations.

Photograph by Thomas O'Keefe (flickr)
Posted 30 Oct 2012

Location: WI
Operator: Northern States Powr Co Wisconsin
Configuration: 2 X 300-kW Francis
Operation: 1904
T/G supplier: SMS, National Electric Co
Quick facts: This is the second smallest hydro plant in Xcel Energy’s system and is 3mi north of Somerset. Apple River Power Co was the original operator. The first generator at the ste went online in 1897 and supplied electricty to New Richmond, WI. The facility was completely rebuilt in 1904, the project completing in Oct. The 500ft long dam created an 85ac impoundment.

Photograph courtesy of Xcel
Posted 17 Dec 2016

Sault Ste Marie
Location: MI
Operator: Edison Sault Electric Co
Configuration: 74 X 600 kW
Operation: 1902
T/G supplier: Jolly McCormick, S Morgan Smith, Wellman, Seaver, Morgan
Quick facts: The Edison Sault HPP extends a quarter-mile along the St Marys River. The project was developed by Francis Clergue, who hoped to use the 21ft drop between Lake Superior and the lower portion of the river to generate electricity that would attract new industries to Sault Ste Marie. Excavation of the 2.25mi canal feeding the plant began in Sep 1898 and completed in Jun 1902. Powerhouse construction started in Mar 1900 and it was officially opened on 25 Oct 1902, the second largest hydro plant in the USA. Edison Sault purchased the plant and canal in 1963 from Union Carbide Co for $1.5mn and then spent $1mn to convert the plant from 55Hz operation to 60Hz. Another $8mn was spent in 1992 on modernization and automation. The plant was named an ASME National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark in May 1981.

Photograph courtesy of Power
Posted 13 Jan 2010

Taplin Gorge
Location: MN
Operator: Otter Tail Power Co
Configuration: 1 X 560 kW
Operation: 1925
T/G supplier: ??
Quick facts: Tapline Gorge, also known as Friberg, is near Fergus Falls. This structure was designed as a replica of the tomb of Roman Emperor Theodoric.

Photograph courtesy of Otter Tail Power Co
Posted 19 Jul 2015


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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