Hydroelectric Plants in Maryland
Location: MD
Operator: Exelon Power
Configuration: 1 X 45 MW, 5 X 47.7 MW, 1 X 36 MW Francis, 1 X 67.5 MW, 3 X 55.6 MW Kaplan
Operation: 1928-1964
T/G supplier: Voith, BBC, Siemens, WH
EPC: Stone & Webster, Arundel Corp
Quick facts: Conowingo is on the Susquehanna at River Mile 10, 6mi south of the Pennsylvania state line. On 23 Jan 1925, Philadelphia Electric Co awarded the EPC contract for Conowingo Dam to Stone & Webster and the first unit went online on 1 Mar 1928. At completion, the first phase was considered the largest single-site hydro plant in the world. The 4,648ft dam has 53 flood control gates. In 1972, all the gates were opened for only the second time after Hurricane Agnes and the water rose to within 5ft of overtopping the dam. Among other uses, the 14miČ Conowingo Pond acts as the reservoir for Muddy Run PSP and the cooling water source for the Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station..

Photograph courtesy of Exelon
Posted 24 Jul 2010

Deep Creek
Location: MD
Operator: Brookfield Power
Configuration: 2 X 9MW Francis
Operation: 1925
T/G supplier: AC
Quick facts: Deep Creek Lake is in the extreme western part of Maryland in Garrett County. Brookfield Power acquired ownership of the station in 2005. Deep Creek Dam is 430ft above the station's powerhouse and connects via a 1.5mi, concrete-lined tunnel 9ft in diameter. The powerhouse was fully automated in 1948.

Photograph courtesy of Brookfield Power
Posted 24 Jul 2010


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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