Hydroelectric Plants in Turkey - Orta Anadolu
Location: Kayseri
Operator: EUAS
Configuration: 3 X 28 MW Francis
Operation: 1998
T/G supplier: Sulzer, ABB
EPC: Aydiner Insaat AS
Quick facts: Camlica-I was commissioned on 12 Dec 1998 by Ayen Enerji. It was handed over to EUAS 15yrs later per the terms of the original BOT agreement.

Photograph courtesy of Ayen Enerji
Posted 29 Jan 2014

Location: Kayseri
Operator: Derin AS
Configuration: 3 X 6-MW spiral
Operation: 2014
T/G supplier: Kossler
EPC: Yolsu, HGG
Quick facts: Provisional acceptance of this SHP was on 2 May 2014. Derin is an affiliate of HGG Insaat Sanayi ve Ticaret.

Photograph courtesy of HGG Insaat Sanayi ve Ticaret
Posted 15 Apr 2015

Location: Kayseri
Operator: Ictas Enerji Uretim ve Ticaret AS
Configuration: 3 X 9.3 MW Francis
Operation: 2011
T/G supplier: Yatai
EPC: Yolsu, Eltes, Bugato Insaat
Quick facts: This HPP in south-central Turkey wnnt into operation on 1 Apr 2011. The project has a 50m tall concrete dam forming a head pond, a 3.2km, 4.7m diameter transfer tunnel, 78m penstocks, and the powerhouse. This gives a 55m head to the lower discharge on the Zamantı River.

Photograph courtesy of Bugato Insaat
Posted 23 Jun 2013

Location: Nevsehir
Operator: Zeynep AS
Configuration: 2 X 3.6 MW pit
Operation: 2013
T/G supplier: Kossler
EPC: Yolsu, HGG
Quick facts: This is the first of three SHP in Avanos district. It went online on 1 Jun 2013. Zeynep is an affiliate of HGG İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret.

Photograph courtesy of HGG Insaat Sanayi ve Ticaret
Posted 15 Apr 2015

Location: Sivas
Operator: Eser Enerji Uretim AS
Configuration: 2 X 3 MW Pelton
Operation: 2014
T/G supplier: Turboinstitut, Dokar
EPC: Eser, Dokar
Quick facts: This $10mn SHP in İmranlı County started construction on 1 Mar 2010 and went into operation on 2 Dec 2014. Design production is 10 GWh/yr.

Photograph courtesy of Eser Enerji
Posted 15 Feb 2015

Location: Neveshir
Operator: AR-ES Elektrik Uretim AS
Configuration: 2 X 2.9-MW Francis
Operation: 2012
T/G supplier: Global Hydro Energy, Indar

Photograph courtesy of EHK
Posted 17 Apr 2016

Location: Sivas
Operator: Elektrik Uretim AS
Configuration: 2 x 62.5 MW Francis
Operation: 1990
T/G supplier: Resita
EPC: Romenergo, Su Yapi, Biltek
Quick facts: The Kilickaya Dam and HES was orginally built for DSI. The construction contract was signed in Oct 1980 and the project completed in May 1990. It cost $237mn. The main dam is 135m tall and has a crest length of 405m.

Photograph courtesy of Biltek
Posted 21 May 2011

Location: Yozgat
Operator: DSI
Configuration: 3 X 4.8 MW
Operation: 2008
T/G supplier: ??
EPC: Ecetur Sirketler Grubu, Kiska
Quick facts: This clay-core, rockfill dam is 102.6m high and 636m long. A 1.9km tunnel connects to the powerhouse. Construction started in 1998. This multipurpose project is expected to supply 50 GWh/yr.

Photograph courtesy of Türkiye Müteahhitler Birligi
Posted 26 Dec 2006

Location: Kayseri
Operator: Ayen Enerji
Configuration: 2 X 50 MW Francis
Operation: 2005
T/G supplier: GE, Vaptsarov
EPC: UMB, Lahmeyer, Pustiler-Sargin
Quick facts: In May 2003, GE received a $17.9mn contract to supply turbines, generators, and additional equipment and services for the Yamula project. ABB won a €1.3mn order for the control system and electrical equipment. The $240mn dam and power plant project opened in Jul 2005 and was dedicated at the end of Dec 2005.

Photograph courtesy of Ayen Enerji
Re-posted 29 Jan 2014

Location: Sivas
Operator: Yesilbaş AS
Configuration: 3 x 4.7 MW Francis
Operation: 2009
T/G supplier: Z-Orient
EPC: STY Insaat Turizm ve San Ltd Sti, HGG Insaat Sanayi
Quick facts: The Yesil project is on the Yesilirmak River. It went online in Dec 2009. The project was a development of Essentium (70%), STY (15%) and HGG through Yeşilbaş Enerji (15%). The plant is grid-connected via a 16km, 154kV line through the Koyulhisar HPP switchyard.

Photograph courtesy of STY
Posted 6 Mar 2011



Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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