Hydroelectric Plants in Northern Turkey - other regions
Location: Balikesir
Operator: Su Enerji AŞ
Configuration: 1 X 2.8 MW, 1 X 1.8 MW
Operation: 2006
T/G supplier: VA TECH
EPC: Dynelec-Sas
Quick facts: Enda Energy holds a 90% share in this IPP project and the other shareholder is Gönen HPP Electricity Generation Plc with 10%. The plant is near Sindirgi and went commercial in Jun 2006. Annual production is about 21 GWh.

Photograph courtesy of Enda Enerji Holding AŞ
Posted 23 Nov 2012

Location: Bursa
Operator: Enda Enerji Holding AŞ
Configuration: 2 X 5.5 MW Francis
Operation: 1998
T/G supplier: Kossler
EPC: Limak
Quick facts: This is a 70m earthfill and rockfill dam. Construction on the multipurpose project started in 1986. The plant has a BOT contract with EUAS guaranteed by the Turkish Treasury.

Photograph courtesy of Enda Enerji Holding AŞ
Re-posted 23 Nov 2012

Location: Bolu
Operator: Guris Holding AS
Configuration: 2 X 4.45 MW Francis
Operation: 2011
T/G supplier: Turboinstitut
EPC: Eser, Dokar

Photograph courtesy of Guris Holding AS
Posted 15 Feb 2015

Location: Bursa
Operator: Akenerji
Configuration: 2 X 50 MW Francis
Operation: 2010
T/G supplier: Voith, Siemens
EPC: Voith, HDM
Quick facts:In Mar 2005, Akenerji submitted the highest bid for a 49yr operating concession for the Uluabat HPP scheme associated with DSI’s Cinarcik Dam in Susurluk district. This was the first tender for a hydro project opened to private sector by EMRA. At the time, DSI was said to have completed 95% of the dam construction works. The HPP completed in Nov 2010, about 2yrs past schedule. The scheme has a 11.4km power tunnel, an 1,182m open penstock and a 1,170m tailrace channel. Akenerji invested $150mn and the project is expected to supply about 360 GWh/yr.

Photograph courtesy of www.enerjiport.com
Posted 23 Jan 2014

Location: Tunceli
Operator: Limak Enerji
Configuration: 3 X 32 MW Francis
Operation: 2009
T/G supplier: Voith, Siemens
EPC: Cemil Ozgur
Quick facts: In Dec 2007, Voith Siemens Hydro was awarded the complete equipment supply contract for this project, which was acquired in auction by the IPP Limak Insaat. The contract was worth €33mn and was undertaken by Voith companies in Austria and Turkey. DSI originally built the dam and powerhouse with space for three 24-MW sets but designers increased capacity at the existing powerhouse without costly modifications to the civil works. Voith’s supply contract covered turbines, inlet valves, governors, drainage, mechanical auxiliaries, generators, the excitation and protection system, unit and plant automation, generator bus, medium and low voltage systems, power transformers and HV (155kV) switchgear. The dam was built where the Munzur River enters Keban Reservoir.

Photograph courtesy of Voith Siemens Hydro
Posted 23 Dec 2007


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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