Hydroelectric Plants in Syria

Ba'ath Dam
Location: Ar-Raqqah
Operator: Ministry of Irrigation
Configuration: 3 X 25 MW bulb
Operation: 1987-1988
T/G supplier: LMZ, Electrosila
EPC: Hydropower Institute
Quick facts: This 14m tall dam is on the Euphrates 14km upstream from Ar-Raqqah in north-central Syria. A development contract with signed with the Soviet Union in Apr 1977 and preparatory work started in 1981. The dam was finished in 1986 and the entire project completed in Dec 1988.

Photograph courtesy of boswtol.com
Posted 5 Aug 2016

Location: Homs
Operator: Ministry of Irrigation
Configuration: 2 X 4.5 MW
Operation: 1960
T/G supplier: UETM
EPC: Hydropower Institute, Hidrostroi
Quick facts: This embankment dam is on the Orontes River. The multipurpose project was fully completed in Aug 1961.

Photograph by الرستن الر (Panoramio)
Posted 5 Aug 2016

Location: Ar-Raqqah
Operator: Ministry of Irrigation
Configuration: 8 X 105 MW Kaplan
Operation: 1976-1978
T/G supplier: LMZ, Elsib
EPC: Hydropower Institute, Spetsgidroenergomontazh
Quick facts: This earth-fill dam and HPP is on the Euphrates 40km upstream from the city of Ar-Raqqah. The 60m tall dam is 4.5km long and was built between 1968 and 1973. The dam formed Lake Assad, Syria's largest water reservoir.

Photograph courtesy of www.mirror.co.uk
Posted 5 Aug 2016

  Tishren Dam
Location: Aleppo
Operator: Ministry of Irrigation
Configuration: 6 X 105 MW Kaplan
Operation: 2004
T/G supplier: Dongfang, Sichuan Machinery Import and Export Corp
EPC: Northwest Hydro Consulting Engineers, Lahmeyer International, Ministry of Irrigation
Quick facts: In Apr 2004, the Tishren HPP was inaugurated at Mabij on the Upper Euphrates. The site is upstream from the Taqba Dam and 80km downstream from the Turkish border. The multipurpose project has a 40m high, 900m long rockfill dam and was built from 1991 to 1999. Funding was by the government and from AFESD. One of the main functions of the new plant was to regulate flows in Lake Assad behind the Tabqa Dam, thereby stabilizing hydro operations downstream. The project was delayed for years by technical issues and the discovery of various antiquities in the inundation zone.

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Posted 5 Aug 2016



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Updated 05-Aug-2016