Hydroelectric Plants in Russia -
Siberian Federal District

Location: Krasnoyarsk
Operator: OAO Boguchanskaya GES
Configuration: 9 X 333 MW Francis
Operation: 2012-2014
T/G supplier: Power Machines Group
EPC: Gidroenergoproekt, Bureyagesstroy
Quick facts: This project is a joint venture of RusHydro and Rusal. A 4-GW plant about 370km donwstream of Ust-Ilim was first specifically promoted in 1947 as part of integrated planning for hydro development on the Angara River. The project was confirmed in 1971 and approved at 3 GW in 1979. Construction got underway in 1980 with scheduled first startup in 1988 and completion in 1992, but the plant was postponed three times from 1993-1995. In 2004, Rusal was made a joint investor with the Russian state and the current development company was formed in Feb 2005. The main dam structure is 2.6km long and reaches 79m in height. The first three units were commissioned in Nov 2012 and Unit-4 in Jan 2013. PMG is building all the T/G sets under contracts worth Rb 6bn. The turbines are 7.86m wide and weigh 15.6t.

Photograph courtesy of OAO Boguchanskaya GES
Re-posted 9 Feb 2013

Location: Irkutsk
Operator: Irkutskenergo
Configuration: 18 X 250 MW Francis
Operation: 1963-1966
T/G supplier: LMZ, Elsib
EPC: Hydropower Institute, Nizhneangargasstroy
Quick facts: This giant concrete gravity dam and hydropower plant is on the Angara River. It was the world's largest power plant from 1967-1971. Annual productionis around 23 TWh. The 924m long dam reachs 124.5m in height and is topped by a rail line and highway. Power is evacuated by five 500kV power lines and twenty 220kV lines. Bratsk was authorizied in Sep 1954, site prep began on 21 Dec 1954 and the first T/G set went online in 28 Nov 1961. The last unit went online on 14 Dec 1966 and the power staion was fully commissioned on 8 Sep 1967. The T/G sets have been overhauled and uprated.

Photograph by Aleksey Babushkin (wikimedia)
Posted 9 Mar 2013

Location: Krasnoyarsk
Operator: JSC Krasnoyarsk HPP
Configuration: 12 X 500 MW Francis
Operation: 1967-1971
T/G supplier: LMZ, Electrosila
EPC: Gidroenergoproekt
Quick facts: This plant is on the Enisei River near Divnogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai. Construction started in 1967 and the reservoir was filled in 1970, ultimately extending for approximately 390km. The cost of project development and construction was 803mn rubles. The concrete gravity dam reaches 128m and the crest length is 1,072.5m. Krasnoyarsk was designed and built as an integral part of a heavy industrial complex that includes the power plant, the Achinsk Alumina Plant, the Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Plant (KRAZ), and the Krasnoyarsk Metallurgical Plant (Rolling Mill). These enterprises joined several others to form a financial-industrial group known as TaNAKo. The Russian energy company Sibneft acquired a substantial position in TaNAKo in 2000. The plant has been extensively modernized. EuroSibEnergo is majority owner.

Photograph courtesy of JSC Krasnoyarsk HPS
Posted 31 Jan 2010

Location: Krasnoyarsk
Operator: OAO NTEK
Configuration: 5 X 120 MW Francis
Operation: 1987-1989
T/G supplier: Tyazhmash, Elsib
EPC: Krasnoyarsk Gidroproekt
Quick facts: The Kureyska hydro plant has a rock and earth dam 1,576m long and reaching a maximum height of 81.5m. The first unit went online in Dec 1987 and the project was acquired from RAO UES iin Jul 2007 for Rb 7.29bn.

Photograph by Alexander Kuptsova
Posted 30 May 2002

Location: Krasnoyarsk
Operator: RusHydro
Configuration: 3 X 107 MW Kaplan
Operation: 1984-1985
T/G supplier: Kharkov, Electrosila
EPC: Lenhydroprojekt
Quick facts: Development of the Mayna power station began in 1979.

Photograph courtesy of Lenhydroprojek
Posted 3 Jul 2006

Location: Khakass Republic
Operator: RusHydro
Configuration: 10 X 650 MW Francis
Operation: 1978-1985
T/G supplier: LMZ, Electrosila
EPC: Lenhydroproject
Quick facts: This is the largest hydroelectric plant in Russia and one of the 10 largest power stations in the world. Development began in 1960 and construction started in 1968. The concrete arch dam on the Yenisei River reaches 245.5m in height and is 1,066m long. Average annual production is 23.5 TWh and as much as 70% of the output is delivered to four Rusal smelters in Siberia. On 17 Aug 2009, the facility suffered a catastrophic accident that destroyed Unit-2, badly damaged some of the other machines, and killed 74 people. Repair and reconstruction will cost at least $1.2bn. After initial renovation, a second phase project started with the installation of ten new 640-MW turbines and nine generators all manufactured by PMG. The first new machine was commissioned in Dec 2011 and the rebuild is expected to complete in 2014. A Power Plant Trading Card was made for this plant.

Photograph by Aleksey Foris (wikipedia)
Posted 2 Jan 2010

Location: Krasnoyarsk
Operator: OAO NTEK
Configuration: 7 X 65 MW
Operation: 1971-1972
T/G supplier: Tyazhmash, Elsib
EPC: LHP, Khantaigesstroy
Quick facts:This HPP was built to supply Norilsk MMC plus nearby industrial areas The plant is on the Hantayka River, a right tributary of the Yenisei River flowing from Hantayskogo Lake. The entire river basin is above the Arctic Circle, in the forest-tundra zone. Temperature in the ara range from -64 to 33 deg C. Construction in extremely difficult conditions began in May 1963.

Photograph by Alexandr_L (Panoramio)
Posted 30 Apr 2014


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