Hydroelectric Plants in Peru - other regions
Location: Amazonas
Operator: Electro Oriente SA
Configuration: 4 X 1.25-MW Francis
Operation: 1996
T/G supplier: Boving, NEI
EPC: Hydro Power Engineering Ltd, Energoret Ingenieros
Quick facts: This SHP was originally built for Corporacion de Desarrollo de Amazonas. The site uses waters from the Rio Utcubamba.

Photograph courtesy of Energoret Ingenieros SAC
Posted 7 Jun 2015

Location: Barranca
Operator: SN Power Peru
Configuration: 2 X 21.5-MW Francis
Operation: 1967
T/G supplier: ABB
Quick facts: The plant is located about 200km north of Lima and 60km upstream of the mouth of the Pativilca River. Cahua was purchased by SN Power in Nov 2003 as part of the Cahua/Energia Pacasmayo acquisition from NRG Energy.

Photograph courtesy of SN Power
Posted 16 Jun 2010

Location: Ucayali
Operator: Electro Ucayali SA
Configuration: 1 X 240 kW, 1 X 535 kW, 1 X 144 kW
Operation: 1998-2000
T/G supplier: Kubota Tokyo Electric Co, GCZ, Marelli, Ossberger, AVK
EPC: Energoret Ingenieros
Quick facts: This SHP is in Satip province.

Photograph by Rafael de los Rios (Panoramio)
Posted 7 Jun 2015

Cerro Del Aguila
Location: Huancavelica
Operator: Kallpa Generacion SA
Configuration: 3 X 134-MW Francis
Operation: 2016
T/G supplier: Andritz
EPC: Astaldi/Grana y Montero
Quick facts: In Nov 2011, Kallpa Generacion, a subsidiary of IC Power, awarded a 50:50 consortium of Astaldi SpA and Grana y Montero a $680mn contract to construct the 510-MW Cerro del Aguila and 98-MW Santa Teresa-I hydropower projects. ProInversion had awarded the concession in Jan 2011. Cerro del Aguila is in Tayacaja province and has an 80m tall, 270m long concrete dam on the Rio Mantaro, an underground powerhouse, 9km of tunnels, and 60km of access roads. In Feb 2012, Andritz was awarded the contract for the complete electromechanical works for the $959mn project. In Aug 2012, IC Power secured $534mn in financing from a consortium of 11 foreign banks. The HPP has three, 10yr PPAs.

Photograph courtesy of IC Power
Posted 31 Aug 2016

Location: Huanuco
Operator: Empresa de Generacion Huallaga SA
Configuration: 2 X 225-MW Francis
Operation: 2016
T/G supplier: Alstom
EPC: Odebrecht
Quick facts: In Dec 2009, Odebrecht unit EGH, received the concession for the Chaglla HPP on the Rio Huallaga in Chinchao, Chaglla and Umari districts, in Huanuco and Pachitea provinces. The complex has the main powerhouse, a 202m tall, 273m long concrete-face, rock-filled dam with 6-MW dam-toe generator, a 4.5km² reservoir, a 14.7km intake tunnel, the powerhouse, and associated network facilities. Also included is a 137km, 220kV transmission line to the Paragsha S/S. Construction began in Jun 2011 and, in Sep 2011, Alstom was awarded an €80mn contract to supply the electromechanical equipment, plus parts and services from its Brazilian factory. In Dec 2011, the IDB approved a $150m loan facility to Odebrecht for Chaglla with co-financing was obtained from BNDES, COFIDE, and other international commercial banks, with BNP Paribas acting as financial advisor and Mott MacDonald acting as lender’s engineer Chaglla came online in Sep 2016 and will cost about $1,247mn.

Photograph courtesy of Odebrecht
Posted 7 Jun 2015

Location: Lima
Operator: SN Power Peru
Configuration: 2 X 86 MW Pelton
Operation: 2015
T/G supplier: Rainpower, Jeumont
EPC: Hochtief, Salfa Corp, ICCGSA Ingenieros Civiles y Contratistas Generales SA
Quick facts: In Jul 2001, Peru Hyrdo SA was authorized to start construction on the Cheves HPP, but the project was considerably delayed and the final concession was not obtained until Oct 2009. Work got underway in March 2011. The site is in Sayan district, Huaura province, between the Huaura and Cheeras rivers. Technical and feasibility studies were completed in 1998. The Cheves HPP is fully-owned by Norway’s Statkraft through SN Power. The plant cost $505.8mn and the IFC provided $250mn of long-term financing.

Photograph courtesy of Statkraft
Posted 16 Sep 2015

Location: Moyobamba
Operator: Edegel SAA
Configuration: 2 X 70 MW Francis
Operation: 2000
T/G supplier: Kvaerner, Elin
EPC: Electrowatt
Quick facts: This was VA TECH's first turnkey electric equipment project in Peru. The site is 250km east of Lima with the powerhouse at an elevation of 1,100m.

Photograph copyright by and courtesy of VA TECH
Posted 22 Sep 2005

Location: Piura
Operator: SINERSA - Sindicato Energetico SA
Configuration: 2 X 6.4-MW Kaplan
Operation: 2000
T/G supplier: CKD, Skoda
Quick facts: Curumuy uses water diverted at the end of the 54km Daniel Escobar Canal, part of the Proyecto Especial Chira-Piurawater system. Average power production is about 67 GWh/yr.

Photograph courtesy of SINERSA - Sindicato Energetico SA
Posted 31 May 2015

El Platanal
Location: Lima
Operator: Cia Electrica El Platanal SA
Configuration: 2 X 110-MW Pelton
Operation: 2010
T/G supplier: Voith, Siemens
EPC: INGETEC, Constructora JME SAC, Consorcio JJSM, GyM SA
Quick facts: In Feb 2006, VSH received a €25mn contract for two Pelton sets with a net head of over 600m for the El Platanal plant on the Rio Canete in Canete and Yauyos provinces. The scheme was in development since the mid-1960s and was taken forward by a consortium led by Cementos Lima SA. In addition to the turbines, VSH supplied generators, automation system, governors and excitation equipment for El Platanal. The multipurpose project irrigates 27,000ha of previously-uncultivated land in the pampas region of Concon-Topara between Canete and Chincha Alta on the south coast. The project includes a 28m tall storage dam, a 12km HRT, and and underground powerhouseThe plant went online on 30 Mar 2010, several years past schedule at a cost of about USD 350, the largest such investment in Lima department in 30yrs.

Photograph courtesy of agencianacionalinformativa.blogspot.com
Posted 16 Apr 2017

Location: Lima
Operator: Empresa Generacion Huanza SA
Configuration: 2 X 46-MW Pelton
Operation: 1973-1980
T/G supplier: Chongqing
EPC: JEGR Ingenieros SA, Astaldi, Grana y Montero
Quick facts: This HPP uses water from the Rio Pallca and the Rio Conay, The site is in Huanza distict, 130km east of Lima. The EIA was completed in 1997 and was approved by the Ministry of Energy and Mines in Apr 1998. The document was updated in 2002. From a 42m tall, daily regulation RCC dam on the Pallca, a 10km tunnel was driven to the penstock and powerhouse. The $251mn project completed in Apr 2014 and the plant is connected to the national grid via a 150km tie-line to the 220kV Huayucachi-Zapallal transmission line, Projected annual output is 367 GWh. The developer is a unit of Minera Buenaventura SAA. MWH was owner's engineer.

Photograph courtesy of Empresa Generacion Huanza SA
Posted 13 Jul 2014

Location: Tayacaja
Operator: ElectroPeru SA
Configuration: 7 X 114 MW Pelton
Operation: 1973-1980
T/G supplier: Ansaldo
EPC: Electrowatt, Ansaldo
Quick facts: The Tablachaca Dam on the Rio Mantaro is a storage and regulation installation. It feeds an 18.8km pressure tunnel to the Mantaro powerhouse on the Rio Colcabamba. The machines in the powerhouse operate under 820m of head and are connected to the national grid at 220kv.

Photograph by Eduardo Alberto Rojas Turpaud
Posted 27 May 2007

Location: Piura
Operator: SINERSA - Sindicato Energetico SA
Configuration: 3 X 11.25-MW Kaplan
Operation: 2004
T/G supplier: Alstom, Skoda
Quick facts: This HPP is donwstream of the Poechos Dam and about 20km from the Ecuadorian frontier.The plant has a 34km, 60kV tie-line to the Sullanna Substation.

Photograph courtesy of SINERSA - Sindicato Energetico SA
Posted 31 May 2015

Location: Piura
Operator: SINERSA - Sindicato Energetico SA
Configuration: 2 X 5-MW S-Turbine
Operation: 2009
T/G supplier: CKD, WEG
Quick facts: The Poechos-II project ws built about 1km downstram from Poechis-I.

Photograph courtesy of SINERSA - Sindicato Energetico SA
Posted 31 May 2015

Location: Lima
Operator: Electrica Santa Rosa SAC
Configuration: 1 X 1.8 MW Francis
Operation: 2011
T/G supplier: GZC
EPC: GCZ ingenieros SAC
Quick facts: This SHP is at channel Lateral D of the Purmacana Irrigation Canal, in Supe Dist, Barranca province. It coonect to the SEIN through a 3km, 22.9-kV tie-line to the existing Supe-Virgen del Rosario transmission line.

Photograph courtesy of GCZ ingenieros SAC
Posted 4 Nov 2012

San Gaban-II
Location: Puno
Operator: Empresa Generacion Electrica San Gaban SA
Configuration: 2 X 56.5 MW Pelton
Operation: 2000
T/G supplier: Neyrpic, CGE
EPC: Electrowatt, Ingendesa, Victor Chavez Izquierdo, Asociacion Cosapi, Dragados y Construccione, Guitierrez, Odebrecht
Quick facts: In Mar 1995, Japan's ExIm Bank made a $155mn loan for the 110-MW San Gaban-II HPP and the Peruvian government added $46mn of financing. By that time, the developer, state-owned Empresa de Generacion Electrica San Gaban, had already been working on the project for a decade. The project includes a 160km, 138kV transmission line from the site to Azangaro. Construction was delayed by a dispute of the tender for construction and engineering management services. The plant went into operation in Jan 2000.

Photograph by Andre Baertschi (inambari.org)
Posted 3 Jun 2015

Santa Cruz Ancash-I
Location: Ancash
Operator: LAP - Latin America Power
Configuration: 2 X 3-MW Francis
Operation: 2009
T/G supplier: GZC
EPC: GCZ ingenieros SAC
Quick facts: Santa Cruz-I is at 1,985m elevation in the Rio Blanco basin. The plan is connected to the Hidrandina's 66kV Huallanca-Caraz transmission line.

Photograph courtesy of GCZ ingenieros SAC
Posted 4 Nov 2012

Santa Cruz Ancash-II
Location: Ancash
Operator: LAP - Latin America Power
Configuration: 2 X 3-MW Francis
Operation: 2010
T/G supplier: GZC
EPC: GCZ ingenieros SAC

Photograph courtesy of GCZ ingenieros SAC
Posted 4 Nov 2012

Location: Pasco
Operator: Enersur SA
Configuration: 3 X 44 MW Pelton
Operation: 2005
T/G supplier: VA TECH, Toshiba
EPC: J-Power
Quick facts: Also known as Paucartambo II. The $304mn project was largely funded by Japan Bank for International Cooperation. The complex scheme is 340km northeast of Lima and includes two concrete gravity intake dams, a 29km waterway, an underground powerhouse, and 42km of 220kV transmission line plus substations. Suez unit Enersur has a 30yr contract to operate Yuncan.

Photograph courtesy of Suez Energy International
Posted 18 Nov 2005


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