Hydroelectric Plants in Southern Norway - other counties

Location: More og Romsdal
Operator: Folkestad Kraftverk AS
Configuration: 1 X 1.55 MW Pelton
Operation: 2006
T/G supplier: BNTurbin, Hitzinger
EPC: as Fadum Teknise

Photograph courtesy of Folkestad Kraftverk AS
Posted 11 May 2008

Location: Oppland
Operator: Follebu Bruk
Configuration: 1 X 495 kW Kaplan
Operation: 2005
T/G supplier: BNTurbin, Hitzinger
EPC: as Fadum Teknise

Photograph courtesy of as Fadum Tekniske
Posted 16 Jan 2008

Location: Ostfold
Operator: Hafslund ASA
Configuration: 3 X 7.5 MW Francis
Operation: 1936-1948
T/G supplier: Kvaerner, Siemens, Westinghouse
Quick facts: This HPP on the east side of Glomma. Development began in 1900 and the first two 2.2-MW sets went online in 1903. The first phase construction was completed in 1906 and five more units were then installed by 1913. In 1910, Aktieselskabet Hafslund acquired the majorrty of shares of original owner A/S Glommens Traesliberi. At about that time, a 20kV line, the then-highest voltage in Europe, was laid to Oslo. The twelfth and final unit at the plant was completd in 1948 brining capacity to 60 MW. In 1989 the 9 oldest sets were retired in place. Much of the old plant and equipment is maintained as a museum and cultural center.

Photograph by Unn Yilmaz and courtesy of NVE
Posted 12 Mar 2016

Location: Hedmark
Operator: Eidsiva Energi AS
Configuration: 1 X 3.7 MW, 1 X 1.8 MW Francis
Operation: 1947-1981
T/G supplier: Kvaerner, BBC
Quick facts: This SHP was first built in 1911.

Photograph by Helena Nynäs and courtesy of NVE
Posted 9 Nov 2014

Location: Ostfold
Operator: Akershus Energi AS
Configuration: 6 X 9 MW Francis
Operation: 1922
T/G supplier: ??
Quick facts: Construction of the first stage of this plant in Glomma lasted from 1918-1922 and involved a work force of over 3,500 peaking at 1,200. An entire township was built to support the development. About 60yrs later, it was decided to expand Ranasfoss and a single Kaplan T/G was installed in 1983 in a new powerhouse on the opposite side of the river. Voith has been contracted to rebuild the Phase-I plant with new, larger-size propeller turbines.

Photograph courtesy of Akershus Energi AS
Posted 8 Aug 2010

Location: Ostfold
Operator: E-CO Vannkraft as
Configuration: 12 X 7.5 MW, 1 X 12 MW Francis, 1 X 100 MW Kaplan
Operation: 1921-1982
T/G supplier: Brug, Neyrpic, Kvaerner, Siemens, NEBB
Quick facts: Solbergfoss-II is jointly-owned with Statkraft.

Photograph courtesy of Statkraft SF
Posted 5 Sep 2005

Location: More og Romsdal
Operator: Statkraft SF
Configuration: 1 X 130 MW Francis
Operation: 1967
T/G supplier: Kvaerner, NEBB
Quick facts: Hydropower produced at Trollheim has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Type III certified by DNV in accordance with ISO 14040-43 and ISO 14025 TR. The EPD documents the life-cycle environmental impact per kWh.

Photograph courtesy of Statkraft SF
Posted 5 Sep 2005

Location: Ostfold
Operator: Hafslund ASA
Configuration: 11 units, 215 MW
Operation: 1915-1971
T/G supplier: Kvaerner, NOHAB, Siemens, Industri
Quick facts: This is the largest run-of-river plant in Norway. The operating company was founded by Sam Eyde in 1902 to supply a planned fertilizer plant at Skjorten. This facility was cancelled and the HPP license sold on to Hafslund in 1912. The first phase Francis units were completed from 1915 to 1944. From 1967-1971, a 110-MW Kaplan set was built in a separate building at the site

Photograph courtesy of Hafslund ASA
Posted 27 Dec 2015


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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