Hydroelectric Plants in Mongolia

Location: Khovd
Operator: Energy Authority
Configuration: 3 X 4 MW Kaplan
Operation: 2009
T/G supplier: Asia-Pacific Power-Tech Co Ltd
Quick facts: This SHP is on the Chono Kharaih River 6km donstream from the Dalai-Kharus lakes. The project comprises a dam with a 230m earth-fill section, and a 60m concrete gravity dam, which incorporates the powerhouse, spillway and fishway. The site is in far western Mongolia, 120km northeast of Khovd town. A 76km, 110kV tie-line was built to Myangad substation and there is also an 11kV line delivering electricity to Zavkhan Soum and Durgun Soum. Construction began on 8 Jun 2004 and completed on 12 Oct 2008. Commercial operation was 7 Jan 2009.

Photograph by Oschtan (wikimedia)
Posted 18 Aug 2013

Location: Hovsgol
Operator: Central Energy System
Configuration: 2 X 125 kW Kaplan
Operation: 2006
T/G supplier: Jinlun
EPC: ISC Consulting Engineers A/S, MCS Holding, Zarubejvodstroy
Quick facts: Erdenebulgan is a village with approximately 1,200 inhabitants. This SHP uses water from the River Eg. Water is led from the river through a 2km diversion channel, which runs to the powerhouse. The project was financed by Danida.

Photograph courtesy of ISC Consulting Engineers A/S
Posted 10 Aug 2013

Location: Gobi Altai
Operator: Energy Research and Development Center
Configuration: 3 X 3.45 MW, 1 X 650 kW Francis
Operation: 2008-2010
T/G supplier: ??
EPC: Sinohydro
Quick facts: This SHP is 50km northeast of Altai on the Zavkhan River at the border of Gobi Altai and Zabkhan aimags. In 1998, a consortium of Lahmeyer, IVO International, and MCS International completed a feasibility study for the power station. Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development then commissioned Snowy Mountains Engineering Corp to provide analysis and design services for the plant (also known as Ulaanboom ), which has a 190m long RCC dam and a 340km transmission line. The total cost was about $39mn, with funding from KFAED and a development fund in Abu Dhabi. Output is expected to be about 37 GWh/yr. Unit-4 went commercaial on 16 Oct 2008 with the larger sets followed iin Oct 2010 after the reservoir filled.

Photograph courtesy of Energy Research and Development Center
Posted 13 Feb 2008


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Updated 18-Aug-2013