Hydroelectric Plants in Kazakhstan
Location: East Kazakhstan
Operator: JSC Samruk-Energo
Configuration: 9 X 83 MW
Operation: 1960-1965
T/G supplier: LMZ, Elsib, NTGZ
Quick facts: This power station is on the Irtysh river just upstream of the town of Serebryansk. The plant was released from the reorganized Altayenergo in 1996 and reverted to state-controll in Jan 2008 with Samruk now owning 90% of shares in JSC Bukhtarminskaya HPP. 2012 output was 2.3 TWh.

Photograph courtesy of Kazzinc
Posted 11 Jun 2005

Location: Almaty
Operator: JSC Almaty Power Stations
Configuration: 4 X 91-MW
Operation: 1970-1971
T/G supplier: Tyazhmash, Elsib
EPC: Kazgidro
Quick facts: Engineering work on this HPP began in 1959 with design updates from 1961 to 1964. The project management board was formed in Feb 1965 and construction got underway thereafter. The plant became part of Almatyenergo on1 Oct 1970. In 1996 Kapchagay HEP, became a part of Tractebel subsidiary Almaty Power Consolidated. This genco became Almaty Power Stations in Feb 2007. The site is on the Ili River 76km from Aay city.

Photograph courtesy of JSC Almaty Power Stations
Posted 31 Jan 2016

Location: Almaty
Operator: Kazzinc
Configuration: 3 X 3.6 MW
Operation: 1963
T/G supplier: Hentz
Quick facts: After 60yrs, the Tekeli lead and zinc mine was closed in 2003. The local power plants, a 24-MW CHP plant and this small hydroelectric station, cover the full electricity and heat requirements of the Tekeli concentrator and other Kazzinc-owned production facilities in town, with the balance sold to the municipalities of Tekeli and Taldy-Kurgan.

Photograph courtesy of Kazzinc
Posted 11 Jun 2005

Location: Almaty
Operator: JSC Samruk-Energo
Configuration: 3 X 150 MW Pelton
Operation: 2012
T/G supplier: Andritz, Harbin
EPC: Almatygidroproekt, Kerneu Ltd, China International Water & Electric Corp
Quick facts: Moynak is on the Charyn River in Raiymbek Region, Almaty Province. Estimated production is 1,027 GWh/yr. The contract value was $360mn, of which $200mn was financed by China National Development Bank and the balance by Kazakhstan National Development Bank. President Nursultan Nazarbayev commissioned the first unit at Moinak HPP in Dec 2011. Unit-2 followed in May 2012.

Photograph by Yakov Fedorov (wikimedia)
Posted 2 Mar 2013

Location: South Kazakhstan
Operator: JSC Samruk-Energo
Configuration: 4 X 26-MW Kaplan
Operation: 1967
T/G supplier: Kharkov, Elsib
Quick facts: Shardarinsk HPP is situated in the middle course of Syrdarya River and is the final plant of the Naryn-Syrdarya cascade. The multifunction project has a seasonally-regulated reservoir and is used for irrigation along the middle and lower course of the river. Samruk owns 100% of the plant shares. In Dec 2012, Samruk-Energo signed a loan agreement with the EBRD to finance the plant overhaul and in Dec 2013, Andritz signed a contract to upgrade the electromechanical equipment. The company will replace the four turbines and extend the runner diameter from 5m to 5.3m ,increasing power output to 31.5-MW per unit. The order also includes the supply of new generators and new I&C and protection systems as well as the replacement of the entire electrical power system. Completion of the refurbished hydropower plant is scheduled for June 2017.

Photograph courtesy of JSC Samruk-Energo
Posted 20 Jan 2016

Location: East Kazakhstan
Operator: JSC Samruk-Energo
Configuration: 6 X 117 MW Kaplan
Operation: 1987-1990
T/G supplier: Kharkov, Electrosila
Quick facts: Shulbinskaya is in the middle reach of the Irtysh River, 70km upstream of Semey. Construction started in 1976 and the first set was commissioned on 23 Dec 1987, while the last of unitt was put into operation on 19 Dec 1994.. The plant is connected to the 220kV grid. 2012 production was 1,348 GWh. Samruk owns 92% of the plant shares.

Photograph courtesy of AES Silk Road
Posted 10 Jun 2003

Location: East Kazakhstan
Operator: AES Corp
Configuration: 3 X 82.8-MW, 1 X 91 MW Francis
Operation: 1952-1959
T/G supplier: LMZ, Electrosila, Elsib
EPC: Lengidroproekt
Quick facts: This HPP on the Irtysh River was initialy built just for power genration but now also serves as a counter-regulator for Bukhtarmaskaya. Construction started in 1939. but was interrupted by World War II and did not restart until 1948. Unit-1 commissioned in Dec 1952. The plant was transferred under concession to AES in 1997. In 2013, Unit-1 was changed out with a new 91-MW PMG turbine and an Elsib generator. Samruk owns 89.9% of the plant shares.

Photograph courtesy of JSC Samruk-Energo
Posted 13 Jan 2016


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Updated 31-Jan-2016