Hydroelectric Plants in India - Karnataka

Location: Karnataka
Operator: Cauvery Hydro Energy Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 2.75 MW
Operation: 2007
T/G supplier: ??
Quick facts: Akkihebbal SHP is on the River Hemavathi, a tributary to the River Cauvery. The station was commissioned in Aug 2007.

Photograph courtesy of Cauvery Hydro Energy Ltd
Posted 15 May 2010

Almatti Dam
Location: Karnataka
Operator: Karnataka Power Corp Ltd
Configuration: 5 X 55 MW, 1 X 15 MW Kaplan
Operation: 2005
T/G supplier: Kvaerner, Siemens
EPC: Kvaerner, Siemens, Gammon
Quick facts: The Almatti Dam power house was built on the toe of an existing dam on the Krishna River in Bagalkot Dist. The power station was in development for years as part of the Upper Krishna multipurpose project. The 1,500m long dam was built by Gammon from 1991-1998, but operation of a hydro project necessitated increase water storage. This was contested by Andhra Pradesh and not finally settled until Apr 2000 by Supreme Court order. Power station development dates to 1992 when the state government signed an MOU with Asia Power Corp Ltd. The project then went to a joint venture consortium under Chamundi Power Corp Ltd, which eventually came up with a revised project report after the Supreme Court judgment for setting up the power house at an estimated cost of Rs 1469.8cr. This proposal was rejected by the CEA and the project was turned back to KPCL and approved by CEA in Mar 2002 at an estimated cost of Rs674cr including financing. Construction and commissioning thereafter was to schedule.

Photograph courtesy of Gammon India Ltd
Posted 15 Nov 2008

Location: Karnataka
Operator: Karnataka Power Corp Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 16 MW Kaplan
Operation: 1992
T/G supplier: BHEL
Quick facts: This dam across the Mahi River, a major tributary of the Krishna River, was completed for irrigation purposes in 1979. The powerhouse is located on the right bank of the dam headworks.

Photograph courtesy of Ministry of Water Resources
Posted 9 Apr 2006

Hemavathy Left Bank
Location: Karnataka
Operator: Hemavathy Power & Light Pvt Ltd
Configuration: 4 X 4 MW S-Turbine
Operation: 2001
T/G supplier: Flovel, BHEL
EPC: Madhucon Projects
Quick facts: The Hemavathy LBC project has an intake channel and pond, intake structure, power house, and tailrace channel. The original developer and owner was Sandur Manganese & Iron Ores Ltd, but the plant was sold in Mar 2004 to a subsidiary of Greenko Group.

Photograph courtesy of Madhucon Projects Ltd
Posted 26 Jul 2008

Location: Karnataka
Operator: Jasper Energy Pvt Ltd
Configuration: 3 X 3.5-MW S-turbine
Operation: 2010
T/G supplier: HPP Energy
EPC: Design Group Project Consultants (P) Ltd, Zenith Energy Services
Quick facts: Jasper is a ROR project located on the Sonna barrage near Devangaon Village in Sindagi Taluk, Bijapur District. The HPP has been operational since Aug 2010. The project has a 7.3km, 110kV transmission tie-line connecting to the 110/33/11 kV Alfzalpur Grid Substation. The DPR was approved in Nov 2005.

Photograph courtesy of Greenko Group plc
Posted 4 Jun 2017

Kabini Dam
Location: Karnataka
Operator: Subhash Projects and Marketing Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 10 MW Kaplan
Operation: 2003
T/G supplier: BHEL
EPC: Subhash Projects
Quick facts: The River Kabini is one of the major tributaries of the River Cauvery and the backwaters area about 200km from Bangalore is a noted wildlife refuge. A 29m dam across the Kabini was built for irrigation near Bidarahalli and Beechanahalli villages in Heggadevana Kote Taluk, Mysore Dist. The power scheme was developed by extending an existing single penstock to a new surface powerhouse and building a 100m tailrace channel, and an outdoor switchyard to connect to the KSEB grid. Annual power output is 53 GWh on a 90% dependable year.

Photograph courtesy of Alternate Hydro Energy Center
Posted 28 Dec 2008

Location: Karnataka
Operator: Paschim Hydro Energy Pvt Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 4.5 MW Pelton
Operation: 2007
T/G supplier: VA TECH, Sanelec Excitation Systems
EPC: Subhash Projects
Quick facts: The Kadamane minihydel scheme includes a small diversion weir across Kadamane stream, a head race tunnel, surge shaft, penstock tunnel and buried penstock connecting to the two generating units. The first unit became operational in Apr 2007 and the second in Jun 2007. KVK Energy has a 20% stake in the plant, which has a PPA with Karnataka Power Transmission Corp Ltd.

Photograph courtesy of Alternate Hydro Energy Center
Posted 28 Dec 2008

Kodasalli Dam
Location: Karnataka
Operator: Karnataka Power Corp Ltd
Configuration: 3 X 40 MW Kaplan
Operation: 1998-1999
T/G supplier: BHEL
T/G supplier: Mysore Construction Co
Quick facts: The Kallada Dam is on the Kalinadi River in Uttara Kannada district

Photograph courtesy of india-wris.nrsc.gov.in
Posted 27 Sep 2015

Mahatma Ghandi Tail Race
Location: Karnataka
Operator: Ambuthirtha Power (P) Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 11 MW Kaplan
Operation: 2007
T/G supplier: Fouress, Resita
EPC: TCE, Asian Tech, Coastal Projects
Quick facts: Development and construcio of MGHETRS was managed by Soahm Reneweable Energy. The project is near Jog Falls, Shimoga, and features a 25m diversion dam and a 3.2km, 4.5m dia headrace tunnel. It was one of the first Indian projects commissioned under the Indian Electricity Act 2003 to be classified as a "Captive Power Project" by Praxair India (P) Ltd and also one of the first registered as a CDM project. Financing was by a consortium, led by Housing and Urban Development Corp Ltd (HUDCO) and including Rural Electrification Corp and Syndicate Bank. Equity partners are India Clean Energy Ltd and Praxair India Pvt Ltd.

Photograph courtesy of Soham Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd
Posted 17 May 2010

Location: Karnataka
Operator: Cauvery Hydro Energy Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 1.5 MW Kaplan
Operation: 1998
T/G supplier: Jyoti
Quick facts: Shiva was built across a power channel drawn from the River Cauvery. The station went into operation in Sep 1998.

Photograph courtesy of Cauvery Hydro Energy Ltd
Posted 15 May 2010

Location: Karnataka
Operator: Karnataka Power Corp Ltd
Configuration: 4 X 115-MW Francis
Operation: 1989-2009
T/G supplier: BHEL, VA TECH
EPC: Mysore, VA TECH, IHP Ltd, Laaresn & Toubro
Quick facts: In Dec 2006, a consortium of VA TECH companies won a turnkey contract to install two 115-MW Pelton T/G sets at Varahiat Hosangadi. This was originally designed for four units and the first stage of 2 x 115 MW units was commissioned in 1989/90. The extension cost Rs291cr and the units commissioned in Jan 2009. Varahi has the first underground powerhouse in the state.

Photograph courtesy of Larsen & Toubro
Posted 14 Nov 2015


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