Hydroelectric Plants in Haiti

Location: Artibonite
Operator: Electricite d'Haiti (EDH)
Configuration: 3 X 17 MW Francis
Operation: 1971
T/G supplier: Ansaldo
EPC: Ansaldo
Quick facts: This power station in Centre department on the Artibonite River is the most important generating resouce in Haiti but is barely operational due to heavy silting in the reservoir and mechanical problems. The facility was also damaged by Haiti's devastating Jan 2010 earthquake. Development started in the 1930s and the dam was competed in 1956 by the US Army Corps of Engineers and Brown & Root. In Dec 2010, IBD, KfW, OFID, and OPEC jointly funded a 3yr, $48.8mn rehabilitation package for the Péligre plant to be undertaken by a consortium of Alstom and Compagnie de Montages Electriques a l'Exportation (Comelex).

Photograph by onyx_alex (Panoramio)
Posted 19 Feb 2012

Location: Artibonite
Operator: Electricite d'Haiti (EDH)
Configuration: 1 X 798-kW Francis, 1 X 338-kW Pelton
Operation: 1991-1997
T/G supplier: Voith
Quick facts: This project was supported by KfW with a total investment of about €6.91mn. The first phase has a 800-kW, run-of-river unit at the rivers Deluge and Lanzac, plus a 22km, 23kV overhead line connecting to the local grids of Saint-Marc and Gonvaives. The plant was then extended with a 300-kW unit plus an overhaul of Saint-Marc's municipal grid. The project was delayed by both technical issues and water rights disputes.

Photograph courtesy of Electricite d'Haiti
Posted 19 Feb 2016

Location: Artibonite
Operator: Electricite d'Haiti (EDH)
Configuration: 4 X 500-kW, 1 X 650 kW crossflow
Operation: 1978-1980
T/G supplier: Ossberger
Quick facts: This SHP is in l’Estere, Pont-Sonde. Only one unit is in regular operation.

Photograph courtesy of Electricite d'Haiti
Posted 24 Feb 2016

Location: Sud
Operator: Electricite d'Haiti (EDH)
Configuration: 2 X 800 kW
Operation: 1983
T/G supplier: Dumont
Quick facts: This SHP near Camp Perrin was overhauled in 2005 by Groupe Carbonneau. About five years later, accumulated sediment had put the plant out of service. After extensive excavation of accumulated sediment and about a year offline, the plant was put back in service 28 Apr 2013.

Photograph by ayayaye (Panoramio)
Posted 4 Aug 2013



Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

Updated 24-Feb-2016