Hydroelectric Plants in Africa - Guinea, Liberia & Sierra Leone

Location: Guinea
Operator: Electricite de Guinee
Configuration: 2 X 2.6 MW Kaplan
Operation: 1988
T/G supplier: Listroj, Koncar

Photograph courtesy of Koncar
Posted 3 Oct 2004

Location: Sierra Leone
Operator: Bumbuna Hydroelectric Co Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 25 MW Francis
Operation: 2009
T/G supplier: Ganz, Coemsa
EPC: Studio Ing G Pietrangeli, Salini Construttori
Quick facts: On 27 Jul 2009, President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma launched test operations at Bumbuna in Tonkolili District in the Sula Mountains about 200km northeast of Freetown. Development started in 1975 but there was a 12yr interruption caused by the country's civil conflict. The African Development Bank supplied about a third of the $327mn investment. A 161kV line was built to deliver power to the capital. A second 110-MW phase is planned, but this could cost $520mn.

Photograph courtesy of www.sierraeye.net
Posted 24 Oct 2010

Charlotte Dam
Location: Sierra Leone
Operator: EGTC - Electricity Generation and Transmission Co
Configuration: 2 X 1.1-MW Francis
Operation: 2016
T/G supplier: Lingling
EPC: Hunan Construction Engineering Group Construction
Quick facts: This SHP is one of three being funded n part by a grant from China. Work started in 2011

Photograph courtesy of Ministry of Energy (SL)
Posted 17 Feb 2016

Location: Guinea
Operator: Electricite de Guinee
Configuration: 2 X 7.5 MW Francis
Operation: 1969
T/G supplier: Listroj, Koncar
EPC: Energoprojekt, HIB Cyprus
Quick facts: This is part of a three-plant complex on the Samou River about 90km from Conakry. Partial financing was obtained from KfW. In 2006, VA TECH Hydro and E.R.A. I signed a contract to replace the speed governing systems with new digital equipment.

Photograph courtesy of Koncar
Posted 3 Oct 2004

Location: Cameroon
Operator: Sonel
Configuration: 3 X 11.4 MW Francis, 6 X 21.9 MW, 5 X 20 MW Kaplan
Operation: 1954-1975
T/G supplier: Voest, Alsthom-Jeumont
Quick facts: In 1948, Energie Electrique du Cameroun (Enelcam) was formed to develop the country’s first commercial-scale hydroelectric plant at Edea on the Sanaga River and the plant was initially completed in two phases, 35 MW in 1954 and 122 MW in 1958. In Dec 2008, Andritz was contracted to replace three sets at Edea-I including mechanical and electrical auxiliaries.

Photograph courtesy of idapo.com
Posted 25 Jun 2008

Location: Guinea
Operator: Electricite de Guinee
Configuration: 3 X 25 MW Francis
Operation: 1999
T/G supplier: CGE, GEC-Alsthom
EPC: EDF, Coyne et Bellier, Salini Construttori
Quick facts: Garafiri is near Souapiti on the Konkoure River. Planning got underway in 1984 and the site and feasibility studies were carried out by EDF International and Coyne et Bellier. In Jun 1989, the Guinean government gave the consortium the responsibility for detailed design and the drafting of tender documents. Most of this contract was financed by the Caisse Centrale de Cooperation Economique Francaise. Ultimately a rockfill dam with a storage capacity of 1.6bn m³ and a powerhouse were built at a cost of about $200mn. Garafiri suffered a variety of mechanical problems, including a serious breakdown in 2002, but the generating equipment has subsequently been refurbished.

Photograph courtesy of L’Institut de recherche pourle développement
Posted 10 Jan 2009

Location: Guinea
Operator: OMVG - Organisation pour la Mise en Valeur du Fleuve Gambie
Configuration: 3 X 78 MW Francis
Operation: 2015
T/G supplier: Toshiba Hydro Power (Hangzhou) Co Ltd
EPC: China International Water and Electric Corp, Sinohydro No 3
Quick facts: Kaleta HPP was the the largest cooperative project between China and Guinea to date. Construction began in Apr 2012 and the first unit went commercial on 2 Jun 2015. A quarter of the funding was provided by the Guinean government and the remaining 75% through loans by the Export-Import Bank of China.

Photograph courtesy of Toshiba Hydro Power (Hangzhou) Co Ltd
Posted 13 Aug 2015

Mount Coffee
Location: Liberia
Operator: Liberia Electricity Corp
Configuration: 2 X 15 MW, 2 X 17 MW Francis
Operation: 1967-1973
T/G supplier: Allis Chalmers, BBC
EPC: Stanley Consultants, Motor Columbus, Raymond Concrete Pile Co
Quick facts: Construction of the Mt Coffee HPP on the St Paul River in Harrisburg Township. began in 1964 and the first two sets were commissioned in 1967. The project, also known as Walter F Walker, was undertaken by the Government of Liberia with financing from the US government. Two more units were added in 1973 using a $24.3mn World Bank loan. The plant was extensively damaged and finally put out of service in Jul 1990 during the First Liberian Civil War. A second phase with two 52-MW units was never started. After the civil war ended, the GOL began planning to rebuild the plant. In May 2013, Norplan and Fichtner were hired as owner's engineers and, in Aug 2013, Voith was hired to build four 20-MW T/G replacement sets. Other contractors are Dawnus International for the civil works and Andritz for the hydraulic steelworks and auxiliary systems. Funding was secured from the EIB, the Government of Norway, and KfW. On 14 Jan 2014, President Ellen Johnson-Sirlea officially launched the Mt Coffee Hydropower Rehabilitation Project. The aerial photo dates to the 1960s.

Photograph courtesy of Liberia Electricity Corp
Re-posted 6 Jul 2014

Location: Cameroon
Operator: Sonel SA
Configuration: 8 X 49.5-MW Francis
Operation: 1980-1989
T/G supplier: Voest, Alsthom-Jeumont
EPC: Razel-Bec, Cogefar
Quick facts: This HPP on the Sanaga River was built in two stages. Development of the remote site in Ngombe required construction of a 70km access road through virgin jungle. The dam is 35m tall and 1,200m long.

Photograph courtesy of Razel-Bec
Posted 20 Jul 2014


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