Hydroelectric Plants in Finland - other regions

Location: North Karelia
Operator: Pohjois-Karjalan Sahko Oy
Configuration: 1 X 100 kW, 1 X 160 kW, 1 X 200 kW
Operation: 1987
T/G supplier: Waterpumps Oy
Quick facts: This site on the Saramojoki was originally assosciated with a sawmill power station dating to 1909. The site was rebuilt in 1924-25, the equipment replaced in 1987, and the SHP was automated in the early 1990s.

Photograph by Nuuzki1 (Panoramio)
Posted 25 Jul 2015

Location: Uusimaa
Operator: Oy Mankala AB
Configuration: 3 X 10.3-MW Kaplan
Operation: 1948
T/G supplier: Tampella
EPC: Oulujoki Osakeyhtio
Quick facts: Thsis HPP was built by a consortium of Helsingin and Kotkan municipalities, Tampella Oy, and Enzo-Gutzeit. Today, Mankala AB is controlled by Helsingin Energian.

Photograph by ROFI44WIK (Wikipedia)
Posted 22 Aug 2015

Location: Tampere Region
Operator: Pohjolan Voima Oy
Configuration: 2 X 35-MW Kaplan
Operation: 1971
T/G supplier: Tamturbine, Stromberg, Koncar
EPC: IVO, Oy Nokia AB, Perusyhtyma Oy
Quick facts: This HPP is on the Kokemaenjoki not far upstream from Nokia city. Construction began in 1968 and the facility was transferred to PVO in 1994. The turbines were refurbished n 1998/99 and the generators were rebuilt in 2014/15.

Photograph courtesy of Pohjolan Voima Oy
Posted 15 Aug 2017


Location: North Karelia
Operator: Vattenfall
Configuration: 2 X 29 MW, 1 X 27 MW
Operation: 1955-1997
T/G supplier: GEC, LMZ, Electrosila
Quick facts: Acquired by Vattenfall from Fortum in a share exchange in 2001.

Photograph courtesy of Vattenfall
Posted 17 Nov 2004


Data: industcards, S&P Global Market Intelligence World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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