Hydroelectric Power Plants in Egypt & Sudan

Asyut Barrage
Location: Egypt
Operator: Hydro Plants Electricity Production Co
Configuration: 4 X 8 MW bulb
Operation: 2017
T/G supplier: Andritz
Quick facts: The 844m long Asyut Barrage is in Upper Egypot It was designed by Sir WIlliam Willcocks and built by Messrs John Aird & Co from 1898 to 1903. A new barrage is now under development several hundred meters downstream and this will be equipped with a small hydro plant.

Photograph courtesy of Andritz
Posted 2 Mar 2013

Aswan High Dam
Location: Egypt
Operator: Hydro Plants Electricity Production Co
Configuration: 12 X 175 MW Francis
Operation: 1967-1971
T/G supplier: LMZ, Voith, Electrosila
EPC: Hydropower Institute, Dnepr-Spetsgydroenergomontazh
Quick facts: The High Dam is up to 111m high and it is almost 1,000m long. Construction began in 1960 and one third of the total cost (estimated to be over $1bn) was provided by the Soviet Union: 400 Soviet engineers were used on the job. In July 2003, LMZ and Voith Siemens Hydro were awarded a contract for the reconstruction of the 12 generators, a program expected to last six years. The €85-million program is funded by KfW. Lake Nasser, the multipurpose reservoir behind the dam, is about 565 km long. In areas now partially inundated were temples built by Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II around 1200 BC. During the construction of the High Dam, some of the temples were moved -- a unique and difficult job -- but other monuments were submerged causing worldwide comment.

Photograph copyright by and courtesy of Ioan Triponescu
Posted 2 Jun 2004

Jebel Aulia
Location: Sudan
Operator: Sudanese Hydro Power Generation Co Ltd
Configuration: 30.4 MW matrix turbines
Operation: 2004-2005
T/G supplier: VA TECH, Elin
Quick facts: The Jebel Aulia dam was built from 1933-37 for irrigation and flood control. The site is on the White Nile 40km south of Khartoum. The dam is 5km in length with the highest head measuring 22m. The matrix turbine installation consists of 80 individual turbine units, divided into 8 groups, each with 10 turbines arranged in modules of two turbines each.

Photograph courtesy of National Electricity Corp
Posted 3 Jul 2010

Khasm El Girba-2 Rebuild
Location: Sudan
Operator: Sudanese Hydro Power Generation Co Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 3.9 MW Kaplan
Operation: 1964
T/G supplier: Ansaldo
EPC: Enelpower

Photograph courtesy of Enel SpA
Posted 15 Feb 2004

Merowe Dam
Location: Sudan
Operator: Merowe Dam Electricity Co Ltd
Configuration: 10 X 125 MW Francis
Operation: 2009
T/G supplier: Alstom
EPC: China International Water & Electric Corp, Sinohydro Corp, Harbin Power Engineering Co, Jilin Province Transmission and Substation Project Co, Lahmeyer International
Quick facts: During its implementation, this was the largest hydro construction project in Africa and it was China's largest overseas electricity project to date. The scheme is at the Nile's Fourth Cataract and has a 60m concrete dam approximately 520m long supported by rock- and earthfill dams on either side extending 11km in total. In Aug 2001, the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, and other development funds in Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi Arabia pledged a total of €560mn to the Merowe project. The China Import Export Bank later added €240mn with the Sudanese government expected to make up the balance for the €1.2bn project. Resettlement was required for up to 70,000 people affected by dam and reservoir construction. A 400km, 500kV transmission line runs from the site to a new 220kV substation at Khartoum. Construction started in Jun 2003. The first two units went commercial in Mar 2009 and the project was formally commissioned by President Omer Al-Bashir in May 2010.

Photograph courtesy of China Intl Water & Electric Corp
Re-posted 2 Mar 2013

Naga Hammadi
Location: Egypt
Operator: Hydro Plants Electricity Production Co
Configuration: 4 X 16 MW bulb
Operation: 2008
T/G supplier: VA Tech
EPC: Lahmeyer, Orascom Construction, Vinici, Bilfinger-Berger
Quick facts: The 330m long dam at Naga Hammadi in Upper Egypt replaces a structure built between 1927 and 1930. The seven-gate dam raises up to 8m for irrigation and hydroelectric power. The EGP 445mn project included a 1.1km canal and a 23km, 220kV line to connect to the grid.

Photograph courtesy of DSD Noell
Posted 29 Aug 2009

Location: Sudan
Operator: Sudanese Hydro Power Generation Co Ltd
Configuration: 7 X 40 MW Kaplan
Operation: 1971-1989
T/G supplier: Boving, Asea, Kvaerner, ABB
EPC: Coyne et Bellier
Quick facts: Roseires power station was built at an existing irrigation dam and reservoir on the Blue Nile finished in 1966. The site is 550km from Khartoum. Units 1-3 went online at 30 MW from Jul 1971 to Feb 1972, Unit-4 followed in 1979, Units 5&6 in 1984 and Unit-7 in 1989. In 1991/92, the first three untis were rebuilt and uprated to 40 MW. In the original configuration, the 68m tall, 1km long concrete buttrees dam was flanked on either side by earth dams of 4km (eastern) and 8.5km (western). In Mar 2013, a dam augmentation project was completed and the entire complex is now 25km long with the concrete portion raised to 78m. Consultants were Lahmeyer, SMEC, and Halcrow and Sinohydro was the contractor. The Arab Fund loaned monies equivalent to 41% of the KD 142mn project. Water storage capacity went up about 60%. The HPP connects to the 220kV grid.

Photograph courtesy of Sudanese Hydro Power Generation Co Ltd
Posted 17 May 2015


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Updated 17-May-2015