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Hydroelectric Plants in China - Sichuan M to Z

Location: Sichuan
Operator: Sinohydro Corp
Configuration: 3 X 154 MW Francis
Operation: 2011-2012
T/G supplier: Rainpower
EPC: Sinohydro
Quick facts: The first two units at this site went online in Oct and Dec 2011, respectively. The Maoergai project has a 147m tall, clay-core, gravel dam on the Heishui River, a tributary of the Min River. The project site is Heishui Co, Aba Tibetan Qiang AP, about 260 km from Chengdu CIty. The Rmb 6.8bn project connects to the 500kV grid and annual production is expected to be about 1,695 GWh.

Photograph courtesy of Sinohydro
Posted 17 Jan 2012

Location: Sichuan
Operator: Guodian Dadu River Hydropower Development Co Ltd
Configuration: 6 X 600 MW Francis
Operation: 2009-2010
T/G supplier: GE Hydro Asia, Dongfang
EPC: Chengdu Hydroelectric Investigation and Design Institute, China Gezhouba Group Corp
Quick facts: In Sep 2004, GE Energy received a Rmb 307mn contract to supply three turbines, additional equipment, and related services for the Pubugou hydropower plant on the Dadu River. Construction started after NDRC approval in Apr 2004 and the Rmb 19.94bn scheme was completed in Jan 2011. The project company is Guodian Dadu River Hydro Development Ltd, 51% owned by SP Power Development and 49% owned by China Huadian.

Photograph courtesy of Photograph courtesy of China Inst of Water Power and Hydropower Research
Posted 29 Dec 2012

Location: Sichuan
Operator: China Datang Corp Sichuan Branch Co
Configuration: 4 X 275 MW Francis
Operation: 2013-2014
T/G supplier: Voith, THPC
EPC: Changjiang Institute of Surveying Planning & Design Research, Sinohydro No 5
Quick facts: This project on the Jialing River in Cangxi County, Guangyuan City, is one of six key national projects to improve the Yangtze flood control system. Construction began on 25 Nov 2009 and the first unit commissioned on 9 Aug 2013. The dam is 115m tall. Total investment was 16.85bn yuan.

Photograph courtesy of PowerChina
Posted 21 Jan 2015

Location: Sichuan
Operator: Yalongjiang Hydropower Development Co Ltd
Configuration: 4 X 150 MW Kaplin
Operation: 2015
T/G supplier: Harbin, Dongfang
EPC: Sinohydro
Quick facts: In Apr 2009, Ertan Hydroelectric Development Co approved a revised feasibility study for the Tongzilin hydroelectric plant on the Yalong River in Yanbian County, Panzhihua City. The scheme has been under development since 1994 and received NRDC approval on 20 Oct 2010. . In Oct 2010, construction got underway on the project, which has a 71m tall, 440m long dam anda dam-toe powerhouse. River closure at Tongzilin was reported in Nov 2014. The operating company is owned52:48 by by SDIC and Sichuan Provincial Investment Group Co Ltd. This is the last plant in th Yalong cascade and was fully commissioned on 28 Oct 2015.

Photograph courtesy of
Posted 30 Apr 2015

Zagunao Shiziping
Location: Sichuan
Operator: Huadian Zagunao Hydroelectric Co
Configuration: 3 X 65 MW Francis
Operation: 2011
T/G supplier: Dongfang
EPC: China Gezhouba
Quick facts: In May 2005,constuction started at the Shiziping hydropower station on the Zagunao River in Aba Tibetan Qiang AP. In Dec 2010, Huadian Power reported that all three high-head Francis units had been commissioned.

Photograph courtesy of Hunan Shinering Technology Co Ltd
Posted 12 Nov 2011

Location: Sichuan
Operator: Guodian Dadu River Hydropower Development Co Ltd
Configuration: 4 X 180- MW Kaplan
Operation: 2015-2016
T/G supplier: Zhefu
EPC: Hydrochina Guiyang Engineering
Quick facts: This HPP is in Jinkouhe district, Leshan City. Guiyang was hired in May 2006 for survey and design work, the project was approved by NDRC in Mar 2012, and first concrete was in Aug 2012. Impoundment began in May 2015 and Unit-4 went commercial on 1 Aug 2015. The project has a 86.5mtall dam and is expected to supply about 3.29 TWh/yr.

Photograph courtesy of Guodian Dadu River Hydropower Development Co Ltd
Posted 2 Apr 2017

Location: Sichuan
Operator: Zipingpu Development Co Ltd
Configuration: 4 X 190 MW Francis
Operation: 2005
T/G supplier: LMZ, Dongfang
EPC: Ministry of Water Resources, Northwest Hydro Consulting Engineers
Quick facts: In Feb 2001, the State Planning Commission approved the Zipingpu multipurpose water project. The lead agency and project designer was the Ministry of Water Resources. The site is on the Minjiang in Ma Township 9km from Dujiangyan City. The 156m dam is 848m long and has water supply and irrigation as its main function, but the 760-MW powerhouse makes it one of the larger multipurpose projects in China. The first unit was completed in Mar 2005 and all units were online by the end of the year. The plant is connected to the 500kV grid. The Zipingu Dam was somewhat damaged by a 7.9 magnitude earthquake in May 2008. The epicenter was only about 5km distant from the site.

Photograph courtesy of 江南风博客
Posted 11 Jul 2009



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