Hydroelectric Plants in Canada - British Columbia - N to W
Peace Canyon
Location: BC
Operator: BC Hydro
Configuration: 4 X 175 MW Francis
Operation: 1980
T/G supplier: LMZ, Melco
Quick facts: The Peace Canyon power station began operations in Apr 1980 and is 14mi downstream from the Gordon M Shrum plant. The 50m dam is 534m long and contains 515,000 m3 of concrete. It impounds the narrow 21km Dinosaur Reservoir. In May 2006, BC Hydro began a C$120mn refurbishment of the plant and the project was completed in Oct 2009 on time and about C$6mn under budget. The scope included stator replacement, rotor upgrades, and turbine overhauls.

Photograph courtesy of BC Hydro
Re-posted 31 Oct 2009

Pingston Creek
Location: BC
Operator: Canadian Hydro Developers Inc
Configuration: 3 X 15 MW Pelton
Operation: 2003-2004
T/G supplier: ESAC
EPC: Owner
Quick facts: Pingston Creek is a tributary of the Columbia River The plant is a joint venture with Brascan Power. A major priority of the project was to enhance the habitat for rainbow trout in Pingston Creek.

Photograph courtesy of Canadian Hydro Developers Inc
Posted 7 Aug 2005

Location: BC
Operator: BC Hydro
Configuration: 4 X 461 MW, 1 X 512 MW Francis
Operation: 1984-2010
T/G supplier: Fuji, Voith, Siemens
EPC: BC Hydro, UMA Engineering, Aecon Constructors, Atlas-Gest Inc, Janin COnstruction, Ltd, Genstar construction Ltd
Quick facts: Revelstoke HPP has a 175m tall, 470m long concrete gravity dam on the Columbia River. The dam operates in balance with the Mica reservoir but was not constructed under the terms of the 1964 Columbia River Treaty with the U.S. Installation of Revelstoke-5 was completed in Aug 2010. The project cost about CND250mn. The turbine was fabricated in Brazil.

Photograph courtesy of BC Hydro
Re-posted 20 Nov 2011

Location: BC
Operator: BC Hydro
Configuration: 3 X 35 MW Francis
Operation: 1930-1950
T/G supplier: DEW, WHC
Quick facts: Ruskin is located in Mission District, some 3mi downstream of Stave Falls Dam. It was developed by British Columbia Electric Railway. Construction began in 1929 and the dam and powerhouse with one unit wree finished in Nov 1930. In spring 2012, work began on a 5yr, C$748mn rebuild and overhaul including new electromechanical equipment, five new spillgates, damw work, and other improvements.

Photograph by pentaboxes (wikipedia)
Posted 14 Jun 2014

Rutherford Creek
Location: BC
Operator: Innergex
Configuration: 2 X 25 MW Pelton
Operation: 2004
T/G supplier: ESAC
EPC: Kiewit
Quick facts: Rutherford Creek Power LP is a partnership between Cloudworks Energy and Innergex and took less than 2yrs to build. The Mount Currie First Nation shares profits. The EPC scope included water diversion and storage to submerge the intake pipes, while minimizing landscape disturbance. After being routed through the powerhouse, all water is returned to natural flow into the creek. Piping included 3 km of 2.4m diameter HDPE pipe and 6km of 2m diameter steel pipe. The design also accommodates a world-class kayaking training facility constructed adjacent to the powerhouse. This facility includes a classroom, and a channel with weirs, baffle walls, boulders and anchor pads.

Photograph courtesy of barrypenner.com
Posted 20 Dec 2005

Seven Mile
Location: BC
Operator: BC Hydro
Configuration: 3 X 202.5 MW, 1 X 210 MW Pelton
Operation: 1979-2003
T/G supplier: MHI, Hitachi, CGE
EPC: BC Hydro
Quick facts: Seven Mile Dam is on the Pend d'Oreille River between the Waneta Dam and the Boundary Project in the U.S. Construction on the concrete gravity dam began in 1975.

Photograph courtesy of virtualmuseum.ca
Posted 1 Sep 2008

Location: BC
Operator: BC Hydro
Configuration: 1 X 2.4 MW, 1 X 2.8 MW Francis
Operation: 1929-1942
T/G supplier: AC, WHC, CGE
Quick facts: In the Shuswap system, water is impounded at Sugar Lake (Peers Dam) and to a lesser extent at Shuswap Falls (Wilsey Dam shown). Sugar Lake was flooded as a result of hydroelectric development in 1929, creating a reservoir of over 2,200ha. The river is diverted for only a short distance from Wilsey Dam to the powerhouse outlet downstream.

Photograph courtesy of BC Hydro
Posted 20 Nov 2011

Skookum Creek
Location: BC
Operator: Eco Flow Energy Corp
Configuration: 2 X 12.5 MW Pelton
Operation: 2014
T/G supplier: Rainpower
EPC: Metro-Can Construction, KTC Industrial Projects
Quick facts: Skookum Creek is a run-of-river project on a tributary of the Mamquam River, 12km east of Squamish. This plant generates about 85 GWh/yr delivered to the BC Hydro grid via a 21km, 138kV transmission line. The project commissioned in May 2014..

Photograph courtesy of Eco Flow Energy Corp
Posted 4 May 2016

Upper Mamquam
Location: BC
Operator: Canadian Hydro Developers Inc
Configuration: 2 X 12.5 MW Pelton
Operation: 2003-2004
T/G supplier: Litostroj, Leroy Somer
Quick facts: The project is located upstream of a 15m waterfall on the Mamquam River about 10km from Squamish. Construction started in Nov 2003 and was completed in July 2005. The distance from the water intake to the powerhouse is 1.7km. Unique features include a 145m tunnel allowing the buried steel penstock to pass through a rock wall, a bypass valve for uninterrupted river flow, and the site's project's proximity to an urban area.

Photograph courtesy of Canadian Hydro Developers Inc
Re-posted 20 Oct 2007

Volcano Creek
Location: BC
Operator: AltaGas Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 8 MW Pelton
Operation: 2014
T/G supplier: Andritz
EPC: BGC Engineering Inc
Quick facts: This HPP is on a tributary of the Iskut River, 3km upstream from the Forrest Kerr HPP. An intake and weir structure was built just upstream of the Volcano Creek Canyon and a 2.5km penstock runs to a surface powerhouse. A 10km, 69kV transmission tie-line was also built. The plant went online in the fall of 2014 and cost about C$40mn. Along with the other Northwest Hydrorlectric Facilities, Volcano Creek sends energy to the BC grid through BC Hydro’s 287km Northwest Transmission Line.

Photograph courtesy of AltaGas Ltd
Posted 20 Jan 2017

Waneta Dam
Location: BC
Operator: Teck Cominco Ltd
Configuration: 3 X 72 MW, 1 X 76.5 Francis
Operation: 1954-1966
T/G supplier: DEW, WHC, AC, CGE
Quick facts: This HPP on the Pend-d'Oreille River provides electric power to the Trail metallurgical operation. Operation of Waneta is governed by the Canal Plant Agreement (CPA), a contractual arrangement with B.C. Hydro and other related parties under which Teck receives 2,690 GWh/yr even during low water years. A new CPA that extends the existing arrangements through 2035 has been executed by all parties. A15km, 230kV transmission line from Waneta to the U.S. border allows for the sale of surplus electricity. The concrete dam is 64m high and 290m long.

Photograph courtesy of BC Hydro
Re-posted 1 Nov 2009

Waneta Expansion
Location: BC
Operator: Waneta Expansion LP
Configuration: 2 X 167.5-MW Francis
Operation: 2015
T/G supplier: Voith
EPC: SNC, Aecon Group
Quick facts: WELP is a JV of Fortis Inc, Columbia Power Corp, and Columbia Basin Trust. The project is immediately downstream of the Waneta Dam on and shares the existing hydraulic head.The project included two new parallel power tunnels, the surface powerhouse, and a new 10 km, 230 kV transmission line. Work started in Oct 2010 and over 1,400 people were employed overall in the design, manufacturing, construction and commissioning. The project was synchronized on 12 Jun 2015, about 6wks ahead of schedule.

Photograph courtesy of Voith
Posted 13 Jun 2015


Location: BC
Operator: BC Hydro
Configuration: 1 X 2.59 MW Pelton
Operation: 1947
T/G supplier: PWW, WHC
Quick facts: This minihydro was built as part of a pulp mill complex in Squamish district last owned by Western Pulp LP. The property is up for sale. The hydroelectric plant is said to be operational.

Photograph courtesy of BC Hydro
Posted 1 Nov 2009


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