Hydroelectric Plants in Cambodia
Location: Kampot
Operator: Sinohydro Kamchay Hydroelectric Project Co Ltd
Configuration: 3 X 60 MW
Operation: 2011
T/G supplier: Jinlun, Harbin
EPC: Northwest Hydro Consulting Engineers, Sinohydro
Quick facts: This was Sinohydro's launch overeas HPP. The completion ceremony was held on 7 Dec 2011 with PM Hua Sen on-hand. Commercial operation followed on 13 Dec. Financing was supplied by China Export-Import Bank and the China Export & Credit Insurance Corp. The 4yr project cost $300mn and was China's largest investment in Cambodia to that date.

Photograph by Yongqiang Liu (Panoramio)
Posted 16 Aug 2014

Location: Kampot
Operator: Sinohydro Kamchay Hydroelectric Project Co Ltd
Configuration: 3 X 3.1 MW, 1 X 800 kW
Operation: 2009
T/G supplier: ??
EPC: Northwest Hydro Consulting Engineers, Sinohydro

Photograph courtesy of liuyongq521.blog.163.com
Posted 16 Aug 2014

Location: Kampong Speu
Operator: CETIC International Hydropower Dev Co
Configuration: 2 X 6 MW
Operation: 1968 (rebuilt 2002)
T/G supplier: China
EPC: China National Electric Equipment
Quick facts: In 1968, a 10-MW Yugoslav-supplied hydro plant was built in Kirirom along with a 120km, 115kV line to Phnom Penh, but power was only supplied until 1975 when the system was taken out of service. This facility was originally owned by Societe Nationale des Grands Barrages. In July 2000, EDC and CETIC International Hydropower signed a PPA for output from the Kirirom-I rebuiild project. In May 2002, the project was recommissioned ahead of schedule. Much of the funding for the $24mn Kiriom rehabilitation came from the China Eximbank.

Photograph courtesy of CETIC Intl Hydropower Dev Co
Posted 20 Oct 2004

Location: Koh Kong
Operator: State Grid Xinyuan International Hydropower Development Co Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 9 MW
Operation: 2013
T/G supplier: Chongqing
EPC: Hydrochina Zhongnan, State Grid Xinyuan Construction
Quick facts: On 21 Feb 2013, Prime Minister Hun Sen inaugurated the $47mn Kirirom-III dam in Koh Kong. Project construction began in 2009 and completed in 2012. State Grid has a 30yr BOT PPA selling power at US¢ 7.91/kWh.

Photograph courtesy of www.phnompenhpost.com
Posted 27 Feb 2013

Stung Atay
Location: Pursat
Operator: China Datang Overseas Investment Co Ltd
Configuration: 4 X 25 MW Francis, 2 X 10 MW dam toe
Operation: 2014
T/G supplier: ??
EPC: China Yunnan Corp Intl Techno-Econ Corp, Yunnan SE Asia Econ & Tech Invest, Sinomach
Quick facts: In May 2008, CDT, Cambodia Hydropower Development Co Ltd, and Cambodia Power Grid Co Ltd held a ceremony to launch construction of the Stung Atay-1 hydroelectric plant and its associated grid connection to Pursat province. The Stung Atay-1 site is located 60km from the capital of Khett Kaoh Kong province, and 190km from the capital of Pursat Province. The whole project cost about $199mn, of which $55.3mn was invested in the associated transmission component. Unit-1 commissioned on 13 Aug 2014. This was China Datang's launch power project in Cambodia.

Photograph courtesy of www.khmer440.com
Posted 26 Mar 2014

Stung Tatay
Location: Koh Kong
Operator: Beijing Sanlian International Investment Co
Configuration: 3 X 82 MW Francis
Operation: 2014
T/G supplier: Zhefu
EPC: China Gezhouba Group Corp, Sinomach
Quick facts: This HPP is a JV of Sinomach and China Hydro Engineering. The site is 40km northest of Phnom Penh. Construction began on 29 Mar 2010 and Unit-1 commissioned on 13 Aug 2014. The $540mn project has a 37yr BOT concession. Stung Tatay was the largest hydro plant in Cambodia at commissioning.

Photograph courtesy of China Gezhouba Group Corp
Posted 16 Aug 2014


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