Geothermal Power Plants in Indonesia
Location: West Java
Operator: PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy
Configuration: 1 X 35 MW
Operation: 2015
T/G supplier: Fuji
EPC: Sumitomo, PT Rekayasa Industri
Quick facts: Kamojang-5 went commercial on 4 Jul 2015 about 2mos ahead of schedule and under budget at $104mn. The unit was synchronized on 29 Jun 2015.

Photograph by Firman J Simanullang (twitter)
Posted 24 Apr 2016

Location: North Sulawesi
Operator: PT PLN Persero
Configuration: 3 X 20 MW
Operation: 2000-2009
T/G supplier: Alstom, Fuji
EPC: Spie-Batignolles, Sumitomo, AECOM, West Japan Engineering, Rekayasa
Quick facts: Work begin in the mid-1990s at this site near Manado city.

Photograph courtesy of AECOM
Posted 19 Aug 2012

Ulumbu Rampung
Location: East Nusa Tenggara
Operator: PT PLN Persero
Configuration: 2 X 2.5 MW
Operation: 2011-2012
T/G supplier: Elliott, Kato
EPC: PT PAL Indonesia, Geothermal Development Associates
Quick facts: In Dec 2008, GDA signed a contract with PT PAL Indonesia for the design, manufacture, and supply of equipment for the Ulumbu geothermal project on Flores Island. The Ulumbu geothermal field is 11km south of Ruteng in Manggarai Regency. First electricity was generated in Nov 2011. The project had a particularly long gestation as first drilling on the prospect began in 1986.

Photograph courtesy of
Posted 19 Aug 2012

Location: North Sumatra
Operator: Sarulla Operations Ltd
Configuration: 3 X 110 MW
Operation: 2017-2018
T/G supplier: Toshiba, Ormat
EPC: Hyundai
Quick facts: In 1993, Pertamina and Unocal signed a JOC contract for exploration in the Sarulla contract area on North Sumatra about 100km south of Medan. Preliminary investigations indicated a high-temperature geothermal resource with a potential of as much as 1,000 MW. In July 2003, Unocal reached agreement to sell its rights and interests in the Sarulla project to PT Geo Dipa Energy, a 77: 33 joint venture of Pertamina and PLN, for about $60mn. In Apr 2010, PLN signed a PPA for a 330-MW project at Sarulla with a development consortium. The tariff was $67.90/MWh and the expected capex was IDR 13tn. Current owners are Itochu Corp (25%), Kyushu Electric Power Co (25%), PT Medco Energy (18.9975%), , INPEX Corp (18.252%) and Ormat (12.75%). . In Aug 2011, a six-bank consortium was retained to arrange and market a 20yr, $410mn project finance facility. The power blocks are Ormat’s so-called combined-cycle geothermal plants with flash backpressure steam turbines and binary Ormat Energy Converters (OEC) using condensed brine. Sarulla was the largest Indonesian geothermal contract to date. The first block at Sarulla went commercial on 21 Mar 2017.

Photograph courtesy of Ormat Technologies Inc
Posted 2 Apr 2017

Ulubelu 1&2
Location: South Sumatra
Operator: PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy
Configuration: 2 X 55 MW
Operation: 2012
T/G supplier: Fuji
EPC: Sumitomo, PT Rekayasa Industri
Quick facts: In Sep 2004, PLN said it would revive the Ulubelu geothermal project and build two 55-MW sets for about $115mn. This site in Kab Tanggamus, Lampung province, was first worked up by Calpine Corp along with local mining company PT Dharmasatrya Arthasentosa. Initially, they settled on a project for up to six 55-MW geothermal units, but development was suspended . In Mar 2007, the project was revived and West Japan Engineering was retained to prepare the technical documentation and to act as an overall engineering consultant. In early 2010, Sumitomo was awarded an ¥16bn EPC contract and JBIC financed the power generation components. In Aug 2011, the World Bank said it would lend Pertamina $300mn for the steam field developments for Ulubelu. Other project components include a 150kV transmission connection to the existing 150kV transmission line between the Batutegi hydro plant and Pagelaran S/S, plus local rural electrification at 20kV. The project completed in Oct 2012 and is operated by PLN for PGE.

Photograph courtesy of Sumitomo Corp
Posted 21 Nov 2012

Ulubelu 3&4
Location: South Sumatra
Operator: PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy
Configuration: 2 X 55 MW
Operation: 2016-2017
T/G supplier: Fuji
EPC: Sumitomo, PT Rekayasa Industri
Quick facts: The Ulubelu extension was completed on 16 Jun 2017 at a cost of USD 397mn. The units are owned and operated by PGE. Ulubelu now supplies about a quarter of the electicity demand in Lampung.

Photograph by Sidiq Nurbiyantoko
Posted 25 Jun 2017

  Wayang Windu Unit-1
Location: West Java
Operator: PT Star Energy
Configuration: 1 X 110 MW
Operation: 2000
T/G supplier: Fuji
EPC: Sumitomo, PB Power
Quick facts: In Dec 1994, Mandala Nusantara Ltd (MNL) signed a contract to develop a new geothermal generating unit at Wayang Windu about 230km east of Jakarta, near Bandung in West Java. At the time, MNL was a joint venture of Asia Power (65%), PT Bumi Mandala Perkasa (25%), an affiliate of PT Humpuss, and Waikato SOE, a spinoff of Electricity Corp of New Zealand (10%). In mid-1997, Fuji Electric was awarded a contract for two 110-MW, single-cylinder steam turbines, the largest of their kind to that date. In early 2000, Asia Power decided to divest its stake and project lenders CS First Boston and Deutsche Bank took a 50% share. In January 2001, Unocal (which had a 5% share) took an additional 45% and assumed operational responsibility for Wayang Windu. In Nov 2004, the project was acquired by PT Star Energy.

Photograph courtesy of Yokogawa Bridge Corp
Posted 19 Aug 2012



Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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