Geothermal Power Plants in Africa - other countries
Location: Ethiopian
Operator: Ethiopian Electric Power Corp
Configuration: 1 X 3.9 MW ST, 1 X 4.6 MW OEC
Operation: 1998-2001
T/G supplier: Ormat, Kato
Quick facts: The Aluto Langano geothermal plant is about 215km south of Addis. The steam set went online in May 1998, operated for a year and was operated at lowered capacity for 2yrs, and then shut-in completedly until 2007 when an overhaul of the plant and wellfield was completed by Geothermal Development Associates. There are two high-temperature wells and two medium-temperature production wells plus one re-injection well.

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Posted 20 Sep 2014

Location: Zambia
Operator: Zesco Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 100 kW
Operation: 1987
T/G supplier: Turboden
Quick facts: The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) financed this $2mn pilot installation in Nsumbu National Park near Lake Tanganyika in Northern province. It was handed over to Zesco in 2001. Although, the power plant was installed, it was never fully commissioned since the required electrical connections were not completed. As part of this pilot project, 15 shallow exploratory and production wells were drilled and submersible pumps were installed in four of them. In 2004, KenGen was retained to examine the feasibility of rehabilitating, recommissioning and possibly increasing the capacity of the Kapisya installation..

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Posted 5 Apr 2008


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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