Power Plant Trading Cards - Gallery 1

Set 1 features five US power plants: Grand Coulee, Gibson, Navajo, Roxboro, and D E Karn. Printed Feb 2000.

Set 2 features five more US plants: Big Brown, Chalk Point, Surry, Chief Joseph, and P H Robinson. Printed Apr 2000.

Set 3 features three US plants and two overseas plants:  J M Stuart, Indian River, TNP One, Lippendorf R&S, and South Bangkok. Printed Jul 2000.

Set 3A features three sponsored cards -- Labadie, Limestone, and Colver -- plus Libby and Albeni Falls. Labadie has been reprinted three times and Colver twice.  Note: The original Labadie and Limestone cards are sold out. Printed at various times from 2000 to 2007.

Set 4 features  Seoinchon in South Korea, Opole in Poland, Vermont Yankee and Delaware Mountain in the USA, and Wivenhoe in Australia. Printed Jan 2001.

"Power Plants in Maryland" shows Calvert Cliffs, Baltimore Resco, Panda Brandywine, Montgomery County RRF, and Vienna. Two versions of Montgomery County RRF were printed and both are included in the complete set package. Printed Jun 2001.

"U.S. Coal Plants" features Sherburne County, Four Corners, Laramie River, M R Young, and Johnsonville. Printed Dec 2001. Four Corners was reprinted in Mar 2002 for the plant owner. 

A sponsored ten-card series features generating stations owned by Orion Power Holdings.  
Note: the Orion cards are sold out.  Printed Jun 2001.

"Big Hydro-1" includes  Itaipu in Brazil, Ertan in China, Sayano-Shusenskaya in Russia, Malta in Austria, and Hoover Dam in the USA.
Printed Jun 2001.


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