CCGT Plants in Northern Italy
Alto Garda
Location: TN
Operator: Alto Garda Power Srl
Configuration: 59-MW, 1+1 CCGT with LM6000-PD gas turbine CHP
Operation: 2010
Fuel: natural gas
HRSG supplier: Sices
T/G supplier: GE, MAN
EPC: Sadelmi
Quick facts: During 2006 Cartiere del Garda approved this CCGT repowering project for one of its mills. The company and the local municipal energy authority Alto Garda Servizi (AGS) established Alto Garda Power, with an 80% shareholding for Cartiere del Garda and 20% for AGS. In addition to supplying electricity, thermal energy, and cooling, the plant also supplied the Riva del Garda heating system run by AGS.

Photograph courtesy of Alto Garda Power srl
Posted 6 Oct 2013

Location: CR
Operator: Linea Group Holding
Configuration: 15-MW, single-shaft CCGT with GE10 gas turbine CHP
Operation: 1992
Fuel: natural gas
HRSG supplier: ??
T/G supplier: Nuovo Pignone
Quick facts: The original PGT10 machine was changed out in Apr 2009 and replaced with an uprated GE10 machine and advanced emission controls.

Photograph courtesy of Linea Group Holding srl
Posted 6 May 2009

Location: GO
Operator: ElettroGorizia SpA
Configuration: 50-MW, 1+1 CCGT block with LM6000PD gas turbine
Operation: 2004-2006
Fuel: natural gas
HRSG supplier: IST
T/G supplier: GE, Brush, Thermodyn, ASIRobicon
EPC: GE, Europower
Quick facts: This project was built in an industrial area of Sant’Andrea, Gorizia city, about 2km from the Slovenian border. The once-through HRSG designed for dry operation was the first HRSG of its design in Italy. The air-cooled steamer went online in Jun 2006. The plant partners are AcegasAps SpA, Friulia SpA, and Tei Energy SpA.

Photograph courtesy of TEI Energy SpA
Posted 26 Feb 2011

Location: CH
Operator: A2A SpA
Configuration: 2 X 400-MW single-shaft CCGT blocks with GT26 gas turbines
Operation: 2008
Fuel: natural gas
HRSG supplier: Alstom
T/G supplier: Alstom
EPC: Alstom
Quick facts: This power station was permitted in May 2004 and in May 2006, Alstom was awarded a turnkey €300mn contract by Abruzzoenergia SpA for the plant. The scope included all main equipment plus a distributed control system and balance of plant equipment. Geobat SA and DeltaZero assisted in project management and commissioning. The air-cooled condenser systems were supplied by SPX.

Photograph courtesy of A2A SpA
Re-posted 8 Aug 2009

Location: AN
Operator: Api Energia SpA
Configuration: 290-MW, 1+1 CCGT block with GT13E2 gas turbine
Operation: 2001
Fuel: oil syngas, oil
HRSG supplier: Alstom
T/G supplier: Alstom
EPC: Foster Wheeler, Sadelmi
Quick facts: Api’s Falconara Marittima refinery is on a 70ha site on the Adriatic where development started in 1950. It is the only refinery in east-central Italy and serves the entire region of Marches, a part of the Abruzzo and of Umbria, and the provinces of Forl and of Ravenna in the Emilia- Romagna. Capacity is 3.9mn tpy of crude. The IGCC plant gasifies residual oil and represents a total investment of €700mn.

Photograph courtesy of Api SpA
Posted 17 Jul 2010

Location: AN
Operator: Edison SpA
Configuration: 125-MW, single-shaft CCGT CHP
Operation: 2001
Fuel: natural gas
HRSG supplier: CEI Insteam
T/G supplier: Alstom
Quick facts: Thermal host is Sadam Castiglionese sugar plant.

Photograph courtesy of Edison SpA
Posted 24 Feb 2008

Livorno Refinery
Location: LI
Operator: Enipower
Configuration: 150-MW single-shaft CCGT with 9001E gas turbine CHP
Operation: 1993
Fuel: natural gas, refinery gas
HRSG supplier: ??
T/G supplier: Nuovo
EPC: Nuovo
Quick facts: The plant was built at the AgipPlas refinery. The entire combined-cycle group with auxiliaries was installed in a space measuring only 60X80m.

Photograph courtesy of Turbotecnica
Posted 3 Jul 2006

Merano Maia Bassa
Location: BZ
Operator: Azienda Energetica SpA
Configuration: 1 X 6.5-MW Taurus 65 CHP
Operation: 2007
Fuel: natural gas
T/G supplier: Solar
EPC: Dorfmann Ingegneri, Atzwanger, Zimmerhofer
Quick facts: Development of this CHP was initiated in 2004 in conjunction with local juice producer Hans Zipperle SpA. The build decision was made in 2005, heat supply began in Sep 2006, and parallel electric operation began in Mar 2007. Arch Luca Canali di Bressanone designed the building, which incorporates a 43-kW PV roof-top system. About 40 MWht/yr of steam is supplied to Zipperle via a 170m pipeline and a 7km DHS system was built for the town.

Photograph courtesy of Azienda Energetica SpA
Posted 27 Jul 2014

Location: MN
Operator: E.ON Italia SpA
Configuration: 3 X 384-MW, 1+1 CCGT blocks with 9001FA gas turbines, 1 X 330 MW conventional steam
Operation: 1967-1974 (original steam sets)
Fuel: natural gas, oil
Boiler & HRSG supplier: Ansaldo
T/G supplier: Ansaldo, Tosi, Marelli, GE
EPC: Enelpower
Quick facts: This plant was originally built by Enel with four 330-MW conventional oil- and gas-fired units. The first three steam sets have been reused in three CCGT blocks while Unit-4 remains in service as designed.

Photograph courtesy of E.ON Italia SpA
Posted 9 Aug 2009

Pietrafitta Repower
Location: PG
Operator: Enel SpA
Configuration: 1 X 250 MW V94.3 gas turbine, 2 X 75 MW steam set (existing)
Operation: 2004
Fuel: natural gas
HRSG supplier: STF
T/G supplier: Ansaldo, Siemens
EPC: Enelpower

Photograph courtesy of Enel SpA
Posted 6 Sep 2004

Location: LU
Operator: Edison SpA
Configuration: 100-MW, 2+1 CCGT with LM6000 CHP
Operation: 1996
Fuel: natural gas
HRSG supplier: Sondel
T/G supplier: GE, Nuovo Pignone
EPC: Protecma
Quick facts: The plant supplies steam to SCA Packaging and is connected to the grid at 132kV.

Photograph courtesy of Edison SpA
Posted 20 Apr 2008

Porto Viro
Location: RO
Operator: Edison SpA
Configuration: 140-MW, 1+1 CCGT with 9001E gas turbine CHP
Operation: 1997
Fuel: natural gas
HRSG supplier: ??
T/G supplier: Nuovo Pignone, GE, Ansaldo
Quick facts: Thermal host is Eridania SpA sugar plant.

Photograph courtesy of Edison SpA
Posted 24 Feb 2008

Location: TR
Operator: Edison SpA
Configuration: 105-MW, single-shaft CCGT with V64.3A gas turbine
Operation: 2000
Fuel: natural gas
HRSG supplier: Ansaldo
T/G supplier: Ansaldo
EPC: Ansaldo

Photograph courtesy of Edison SpA
Posted 24 Feb 2008

Location: UD
Operator: Edison SpA
Configuration: 785-MW, 2+1 CCGT with 9001FA gas turbines
Operation: 2006
Fuel: natural gas, diesel oil
HRSG supplier: Alstom
T/G supplier: GE, Toshiba
EPC: Tecnimont
Quick facts: This is a large-scale industrial CHP project with steam sales to the Caffaro Srl petrochemical plant which was founded in 1937 at the present site between Udine and the Adriatic Sea. It is now the most important chemical plant of SNIA Group. The production site is 1.14mn m² and has rail and port facilities.

Photograph courtesy of Edison SpA
Posted 24 Feb 2008


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