CCGT Plants in Ghana
Kpone Asogli Phase-1
Location: Western
Operator: Sunon Asogli Power (Ghana) Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 53-MW LM5000S, 1 X 105 MW 9001E gas turbines
Operation: 2010-2011
Fuel: natural gas, diesel oil
T/G supplier: TSSI, Brush, GE
EPC: Shenzhen Energy
Quick facts: Sunon Asogli Power (Ghana) Ltd was formed in 2007 by Shenzhen Energy Corp (SEC) and China-Africa Development Fund Co Ltd (CADF). This was SEC’s first overseas project. The dual-fuel machines were previously located in China. The site is 30km east of Accra on the Gulf of Guinea. Ghana GRIDCo built a 3km, double-circuit 161kV tie-line to connect the plant to the grid. The first phase was completed in 2009, but was unable to operate for a time due to lack of gas supply. The first unit went commercial on 12 Oct 2010.

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Kpone Asogli Phase-2
Location: Western
Operator: Sunon Asogli Power (Ghana) Ltd
Configuration: 360 MW CCGT
Operation: 2016
Fuel: natural gas, diesel oil
HRSG supplier: ??
T/G supplier: ??
EPC: Shenzhen Energy, China Gezhouba Group
Quick facts: Foundation work for Phase 2 of the Kpone Asogli project began in Sep 2014. The $360mn project was inaugurated to schedule on 20 Apr 2016. Financing was by the China-Africa Development Fund .

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Osagyefo Barge
Location: Western
Operator: Osagyefo Barge Project
Configuration: 2 X 62.5-MW V64.3A gas turbines
Operation: ??
Fuel: distillate oil
T/G supplier: Siemens, Ansaldo
EPC: Mitsui, Ansaldo
Quick facts: In Mar 1998, GNPC signed an agreement with Mitsui and Ansaldo for Ghana's second power barge. Funding for the $110mn project was from an OECF concessionary loan. The Osagyefo barge was built in La Spezia, Italy, and completed in early 2000, but was not installed due to the lack of fuel supply. The barge was moved to the Sekondi Naval Base in 2002 and relocated to a site between Efasu and Mangyea in Mar 2005. In Oct 2005, MOE advertised for an operator and fuel supplier for the barge. In Jul 2007, U.S. developer Balkan Energy CO LLC signed a 20yr PPA including its comittment to refurbish and commission the barge within a 90-day period at a cost of $40mn. Thereafter, the GOG and Balkan Energy entered into a prolonged legal battle arguing about the status and capability of the barge to operate on the one hand and the existence of adequate transmission capacity to evacuate the power on the other hand. In Dec 2009, Balkan Energy filed the dispute in the International Court of Arbitration (ICA) in Den Haag calling for $2bn in damages, the bulk of which was imputed from energy never generated or delivered due to the barge’s inoperability. The matter was decided in Apr 2014 when the PPA was terminated, the asset reverted to the GOG, and the government was ordered to pay $7mn and GH7.5mn to Balkan Energy in restitution damages in lieu of the $40mn originally sought. No further compensation was deemed necessary by the ICA. The Osagyefo barge has never been commissioned and its condition is unknown.

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Takoradi T2
Location: Western
Operator: Takoradi International Co (TICO)
Configuration: 330-MW CCGT block with 9001E gas turbines
Operation: 2004-2014
Fuel: natural gas, diesel oil
HRSG supplier: ??
T/G supplier: Alstom
EPC: B&V, Mitsui, Korea Electric Power E&C, Parsons Brinckerhoff
Quick facts: The original T2 project was long planned for CC conversion but the project did not actually start construction until Dec 2012. The conversion project includes construction of a 2.8km seawater intake and discharge pipeline to provide once-through seawater cooling for the T2 project. At completion, this will also be used by Takoradi T-1 and the the wet cooling towers originally installed at the T-!plant will be taken out of service.

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Posted 16 Jul 2014

Takoradi T3
Location: Western
Operator: Volta River Authority
Configuration: two 68-MW, 2+1 CCGT blocks with UGT-2500 gas turbines
Operation: 2013
Fuel: natural gas, diesel oil, light crude oil
HRSG supplier: IST
T/G supplier: Zorya-Mashproekt, Orenda, Shin Nippon, Brush
EPC: HPI LLC, Canadian Commercial Corp
Quick facts: This GoG/VRA-funded project is located at Takoradi, close to the existing VRA thermal power plants. The project was handed over on 2 Apri 2013.

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Posted 10 Apr 2013

Tema Atholl
Location: Greater Accra
Operator: Atholl Energy Ghana Ltd
Configuration: 3 x 8-MW SGT-300, 2 X 13-MW SGT-400 gas turbines
Operation: 2010
Fuel: natural ga
T/G supplier: Siemens
EPC: Siemens, JVC Ltd, Omni Controls Ltd
Quick facts: In Dec 2007, the MOE signed a public-private partnership agreement with Atholl Energy Ghana Ltd and Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Ltd for a new, gas turbine power project in Tema. In April 2008, Siemens received the order for 5 GTs for the scheme, which also includes a tank farm, fuel treatment plant, and substation works. The machines were commissioned on natural gas in Dec 2010. A 130-MW, 3+1 CCGT block is planned to expand the Atholl project.

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Posted 23 Jul 2014

Tema MRP
Location: Great Accra
Operator: Ghana Mining Consortium
Configuration: 1 X 45.5-MW FT4C-3 TwinPac, 1 X 23-MW 1FT-C-3, 1 X 11-MW FT4A-11 gas turbines
Operation: 2007
Fuel: diesel oil
T/G supplier: P&W
EPC: Lycopodium
Quick facts: These dual-fuel capable machines were previously barge-mounted and were relocated from storage in Oregon. After a 1yr commissioning phase with 3rd party O&M, the $45.5mn Mining Reserve Plant will be turned over to Volta River Authority for operation on behalf of the Mining Consortium of Newmont Mining, Goldfields Ltd, AngloGold Ashanti, and Golden Star Resources. The MRP plant may be switched over to natural gas from the WAGP.

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Posted 9 May 2009

Tema Osonor
Location: Greater Accra
Operator: Tema Osonor Plant Ltd
Configuration: 1 x 126-MW 9001E
Operation: 2012
Fuel: natural gas, light crude oil, distillate oil
T/G supplier: GE
Quick facts: In Oct 2008, the AfDB approved a $32mn loan to TOPL to finance this GT. TOPL was then an SPV of GECAD Inc, the local representative of several GE business units. The $140mn project received an equity injection of $44mn, and senior loans of $96mn from the AfDB, the Energy Africa Infrastructure Fund (EAIF), and the Dutch development bank FMO, which provided a $10mn mezzanine loan. The gas turbine went online in Oct 2012. The plant is now owned by CENIT Energy Ltd (CEL), an SPV of Ghana's Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT).

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Posted 26 Jul 2014

Tema UGL
Location: Greater Accra
Operator: Unilever Ghana Ltd
Configuration: 1 x 5-MW KB7C CHP
Operation: 2012
Fuel: LPG
T/G supplier: Allison
EPC: Genser Energy
Quick facts: On 12 Jul 2012, Genser commissioned this CHP and operations began in Aug 2012. The facility also has a 20 tons/hr HRSG. Power generated is supplied to UGL at 11.5kV and the plant is equipped to operate in parallel with ECG.

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Posted 16 Jul 2014


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