CCGT Plants - East of England

Location: Essex
Operator: Barking Power Ltd
Configuration: 1,000-MW, 5+2 CCGT blocks with 9001E gas turbines
Fuel: natural gas, oil
Operation: 1995
HRSG supplier: GEC-Alstom
T/G supplier: EGT, GEC-Alstom
EPC: GEC-Alstom, Balfour Beatty
Quick facts: This was the first merchant CCGT project of its size in the UK and the first large generating station to be built in Greater London in more than 30 years. Thames Power Ltd, the project developer, was established in 1988 by BICC plc, now Balfour Beatty plc. Canadian Utilities (now ATCO Ltd) joined as operating partner in 1989 and holds a 50% stake in Thames Power which in turn owns 51% of the Barking project. 72.5% of the plant's output is sold to London Electricity Group plc and SSE Energy Supply Ltd and affiliates of these two companies hold the remaining 49% plant interest. The balance of the plant's output is sold into the wholesale market.

Photograph courtesy of Balfour Beatty Capital
Posted 7 Oct 2006

Little Barford
Location: Cambridgeshire
Operator: RWE npower plc
Configuration: 741-MW, 2+1 CCGT with 9001FA gas turbines
Fuel: natural gas
Operation: 1996
HRSG supplier: Babcock Energy
T/G supplier: GE, GEC-Alstom
EPC: EGT, Atlantic Projects, Henry Boot
Quick facts: This CCGT block was built on on the site of a former coal-fired CEGB power station on the Bedfordshire-Cambridgeshire border. The station was one of the early full-size combined-cycles built in the UK with EGT supply one GT built in South Carolina and one built in France. In April 2006, a refurbished 17-MW, GE Frame 5 gas turbine was installed to provide black-start capability. IN 2011/12, the orginal GTs were changed out for GE 9FA machines with DLN2.6 combustion systems. These are site-rated at 241 MW.

Photograph courtesy of RWE npower plc
Posted 2 Aug 2006

Location: Hertfordshire
Operator: RWE npower plc
Configuration: 2 X 70-MW Olympus gas turbines
Fuel: distillate oil
Operation: 1979 (ret 2000)
T/G supplier: Rolls-Royce, GEC
Quick facts: This plant has been demolished.

Photograph by Robin Hall (geograph)
Posted 31 May 2008

Rye House
Location: Hertfordshire
Operator: ScottishPower
Configuration: 715-MW, 3+1 CCGT with V94.2 gas turbines
Fuel: natural gas
Operation: 1994
HRSG supplier: Babcock Energy
T/G supplier: Siemens
EPC: Siemens, Kier
Quick facts: Rye House was acquired from PowerGen in 2001. The air cooling system was Europe's largest when completed.

Photograph courtesy of ScottishPower
Posted 25 Aug 2004


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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