CCGT Power Plants Elsewhere
Bukit Panggal
Location: Brunei
Operator: Department of Electrical Services
Configuration: 110-MW, 2+1 CCGT with 6001B gas turbines
Operation: 2007-2008
Fuel: natural gas
HRSG supplier: Toshiba
T/G supplier: GE
EPC: GE Energy, Marubeni, Toshiba, Jurong Engineering
Quick facts: In Apr 2005, Marubeni was awarded a ¥10bn, turnkey contract for Phase I of the Bukit Panggal CCGT at Tutong. This was Brunei's first combined-cycle plant. The project was entirely funded by DES and completed in Jan 2008.

Photograph courtesy of Marubeni Corp
Posted 16 Dec 2009

Kanudi GT 1&2
Location: Papua New Guinea
Operator: PNG Power
Configuration: 2 X 15 MW Titan gas turbines
Operation: 2011
Fuel: diesel oil
T/G supplier: Solar, Turomach
Quick facts: This power station at Kanudi, outside Port Moresby cost PGK 55mn.

Photograph courtesy of PNG Power
Posted 29 Jun 2013

Kanudi GT 3
Location: Papua New Guinea
Operator: PNG Power
Configuration: 1 X 26 MW TM2500 gas turbine
Operation: 2014
Fuel: diesel oil
T/G supplier: GE
EPC: LR Group
Quick facts: In Nov 2014, Israeli infrastructure company LR Group commissioned two TM2500 combustion turbines for PNG Power after 9mos of construction. One is at Kanudi.

Photograph courtesy of LR Group
Posted 22 Feb 2017

Northwest Kabul
Location: Afghanistan
Operator: Ministry of Energy and Water
Configuration: 1 x 22 MW, 1 X 23 MW GT9 gas turbines
Operation: 1983
Fuel: diesel oil
T/G supplier: BBC
Quick facts: This is the only utility thermal power plant of any significance in Afghanistan. The machines were built for peak load service but now run baseload. Conversion to combined-cycle operation was started but never completed.

Photograph courtesy of U.S. Agency for International Development
Posted 4 Nov 2006

Vasilikos CC
Location: Cyprus
Operator: Electricity Authority of Cyprus
Configuration: 220-MW, 2+1 CCGT with 6001FA+e gas turbines
Operation: 2008-2009
Fuel: distillate oil
HRSG supplier: NEM
T/G supplier: GE, Alstom
EPC: Babcock-Hitachi Europe, Itochu, Lahmeyer, Joannou & Paraskevaides
Quick facts: The 3 steam sets and the CCGT blocks (one operating, one under construction) at Vasilikos power station were severely damaged on 11 Jul 2011 by a large explosion at the adjacent Evangelos Florakis Naval Base. The blast was heard up to 50km away and resulted from the accidental detonation of some or all of 2,000t of Iranian munitions confiscated by the UN in 2009 en route to Syria. These were stored in 98 containers at the naval base for lack of any other location. The containers were said to be stacked several hundred meters from the power station.

Photograph courtesy of Reuters
Posted 31 Jul 2011

Yerevan CC
Location: Armenia
Operator: Yerevan Thermal Power Plant CJSC
Configuration: 225-MW, 1+1 CCGT with GT13E2 gas turbine CHP
Operation: 2010
Fuel: natural gas
HRSG supplier: Sedae
T/G supplier: Alstom, Fuji
EPC: Marubeni, GS E&C, Tokyo Electric Power Services
Quick facts: In Mar 2005, JBIC signed a loan agreement totaling ¥26.409bn with the Armenian government to finance a 225-MW, 1+1 CCGT block at the Yerevan TPP site. The project pays for Iranian gas in electricity produced at Yerevan at the rate of 3kWh per cubic meter of gas. In Sep 2007, the project was awarded to a consortium of Marubeni and GS E&C. The plant was built to schedule from Dec 2007 to commissioning in Mar 2010.

Photograph courtesy of GS E&C
Posted 21 May 2014


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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