CCGT Plants in Denmark and Finland
Location: Finland
Operator: Fingrid Oyj
Configuration: 2 X 150 MW AE94.2 gas turbines
Fuel: LFO
Operation: 2012
T/G supplier: Ansaldo
Quick facts: In the fall of 2008, Fingrid started the approval process for a new reserve power plant, equipment was ordered in Mar 2010, and the cornerstone was laid in Jan 2011. The project cost about €110mn. The plant can be started from Fingrid’s Power System Control Centre in Helsinki.

Photograph by Esal-74 (wikipedia)
Posted 5 May 2012

Location: Denmark
Operator: Forsyning Helsingor
Configuration: 57-MW, 1+1 CCGT with 6001B gas turbine CHP
Fuel: natural gas
Operation: 1993
HRSG supplier: Aalborg
T/G supplier: Kvaerner, ABB
Quick facts: Acquired by Vattenfall in 2006 as part of agreement to buy Energi E2. Sale to Forsyning Helsingor agreed Jun 2011. Heat output is 60 MWt.

Photograph courtesy of Energi E2
Posted 10 Jan 2004

Location: Denmark
Operator: Energi E2
Configuration: 77-MW, 1+1  CCGT with V64.3 gas turbine CHP
Fuel: natural gas
Operation: 1991
HRSG supplier: ??
T/G supplier: Siemens
EPC: Siemens

Photograph courtesy of Energi E2
Posted 12 Jan 2004

Location: Denmark
Operator: Hjørring Varmeforsyning
Configuration: 60-MW, 1+1 CCGT with 6001B gas turbine CHP
Fuel: natural gas
Operation: 1996
HRSG supplier: Aalborg
T/G supplier: GE, ABB

Photograph courtesy of Hjørring Varmeforsyning
Posted 21 May 2005

Location: Finland
Operator: Alands Energi
Configuration: 2 X 12 MW GT, 27 MW diesel engines, CHP
Fuel: diesel oil
Operation: 1972-1990
T/G supplier: Stal Laval, MAK, Deutz, Wartsila

Photograph courtesy of Alands Energi
Posted 27 Aug 2003

Location: Finland
Operator: Nokian Lämpövoima Oy
Configuration: 70-MW, 1+1 CCGT with 6001B gas turbine CHP
Operation: 1997
Fuel: gas
Boiler supplier: Foster Wheeler
T/G supplier: Thomassen, Siemens
EPC: Ekono-Electrowatt
Quick facts: The operating company is owned by PVO and Neste Oy. The existing coal-fired K3 boiler was converted to oil and gas firing for back-up heating capacity. The existing back-pressure turbine was dismantled, the foundation re-constructed and the new extraction-condensing turbine was installed and connected to the existing generator.

Photograph courtesy of Pohjolan Voima Oy
Posted 18 Nov 2005

Location: Finland
Operator: Kraftnat Aland AB
Configuration: 1 X 25 MW FT8-30 gas turbine
Fuel: distillate oil
Operation: 2005
T/G supplier: Pratt & Whitney, MAN Turbo
EPC: MAN Turbo

Photograph courtesy of Kraftnat Aland AB
Posted 9 Apr 2005

Location: Denmark
Operator: Silkeborg Forsyning A/S
Configuration: 99-MW, 2+1 CCGT with LM6000PD gas turbines CHP
Fuel: natural gas
Operation: 1995
HRSG supplier: ??
T/G supplier: Kvaerner, GE, ABB
EPC: Kvaerner, GE
Quick facts: This plant was commissioned on 1 Dec 1995 at a cost of DK 630mn. It was a 50:50 JV of Silkeborg Kommune and IS Midtkraft (later Elsam). In Oct 2004, Sikleborg bought out the Elsam stake. In Nov 2007, GE was contracted to upgrade the gas turbines and supply new control systems, fuel control valves, and related modifications and services.

Photograph courtesy of Silkeborg Forsyning A/S
Posted 20 Feb 2013

Location: Denmark
Operator: Energi Viborg A/S
Configuration: 57-MW, 1+1 CCGT with 6001B gas turbines CHP
Fuel: natural gas
Operation: 1995
HRSG supplier: ??
T/G supplier: Thomassen, WH Allen, Brush
EPC: Ramboll, Dong Energy
Quick facts: Viborg has one of the older DHS systesms in Denmark with the first central boilers online in 1954. KPF Architects was responsible for building design

Photograph courtesy of Dong Energy
Posted 20 Feb 2013


Vuosaari A&B
Location: Finland
Operator: Helsingin Energia
Configuration: 146-MW, 2+1 combined-cycle with V64.3 gas turbine, 374-MW, 2+1 combined-cycle with V94.2 gas turbine, both CHP
Operation: 1991-1997
Fuel: Natural gas
HRSG supplier: Tampella, Foster Wheeler
T/G supplier: Siemens, Stal, MAN

Photograph courtesy of Helsingin Energia
Posted 2 Feb 2005



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