CCGT Power Plants in the Baltic Republics
Jonavos Works
Location: Lithuania
Operator: Achema AB
Configuration: 22-MW GT10A gas turbine CHP
Fuel: natural gas
Operation: 2004
T/G supplier: ABB Stal
EPC: Siltumelektroprojekts, Tsentrenergomontazh
Quick facts: In Oct 2003, this manufacturer of nitrogen fertilizers and chemical products completed a 22-MW gas turbine CHP plant at its Jonavos works. The machine was relocated from Karlskoga, Sweden. A 57-MW, 1+1 CCGT plant was added in 2007.

Photograph courtesy of Siltumelektroprojekts
Posted 24 May 2009

Location: Latvia
Operator: Rigas Siltums A/S
Configuration: 48MW, 1+1 CCGT with RB211T gas turbine CHP
Fuel: natural gas
Operation: 2006
HRSG supplier: Transelektro
T/G supplier: Rolls-Royce, B+V Industrietechnik
EPC: Turbomach, Turbomach, AS Siltumelektroprojekts, SIA Latvijas Energoceltnieks
Quick facts: In Jul 2004, Turbomach won a €25.5mn contract to supply a CCGT CHP plant to Rigas Siltums. About 354 GWh/yr of electricity is sold under contract to Latvenergo and a further 321 GWh/yr of thermal energy is supplied to local domestic and business customers. Heat output can vary from 15 to 45MWt depending on demand.

Photograph courtesy of Siltuma enerģija
Posted 28 Nov 2012

Location: Lithuania
Operator: Lietuvos Energija AB
Configuration: 450-MW, single-shaft CCGT with 9001FB gas turbine
Operation: 2012
Fuel: natural gas
HRSG supplier: CMI
T/G supplier: GE
EPC: Iberinco
Quick facts: The 147ha LPP site is 2km north of Elektranai town and about 40km from Vilnius. There are 8 exisitng conventional units (4 X 150 MW, 4 X 300 MW). Construction of the CCGT block began in Apr 2009 and the plant completed in Oct 2012. The European Union committed to fund 57% of the project. The plant will invest 33% while the remaining will be borne by the National Ignalia Decommissioning Fund. The investment is some €330mn.

Photograph courtesy of Lietuvos Energija AB
Re-posted 15 Mar 2012

Panevezys CC
Location: Lithuania
Operator: AB Panevezio Energija
Configuration: 35-MW, 1+1 CCGT with SGT-600 gas turbine CHP
Fuel: natural gas
Operation: 2008
T/G supplier: Siemens, MAN Turbo
EPC: Panevezio Statybos Trestas
Quick facts: The Panevezys district heating company was formed in 1963 and reorganized in 1997 into a regional heating system operator working in six municipalities. These are joint owners along with some private individuals. The major shareholder is Panevezys municipality which has its main CHP plant in town. The LTL 101.7mn CCGT project was funded by AB PE, EU structural funds, the national government, and the Danish government. The new plant was commissioned in Jun 2008.

Photograph courtesy of AB Panevezio Energija
Posted 6 May 2009

Riga TEC-1
Location: Latvia
Operator: Latvenergo
Configuration: 144-MW, 2+1 CCGT with GTX-100 gas turbines CHP
Fuel: natural gas, diesel oil
Operation: 2005
HRSG supplier: Austrian Energy & Environment CZ
T/G supplier: Siemens, DDIT, ABB
EPC: Alstom, Siemens, Latvijas Energoceltniek, Siltumelektroprojekts
Quick facts: Four steam-electric CHP blocks with Russian equipment were built at TEC-1 starting in 1955 (129 MWe and 616 MWt total). Until 2003, these mostly fired peat and natural gas, thereafter using gas and HFO. When decommissioned, the old sets had over 200,000 running hours. In 2003, Alstom was contracted to reconstruct TEC-1. Construction started on 28 Oct 2003 and the CCGT block was commissioned on 1 Nov 2005 at a cost of over. Two hot water boilers were included for district heating. Heating capacity is 377 MWt.

Photograph courtesy of Latvenergo
Posted 14 Jan 2009

Riga TEC-2
Location: Latvia
Operator: Latvenergo
Configuration: 420-MW, 1+1 CCGT with 9001FB gas turbine CHP
Fuel: natural gas
Operation: 2008-2009
HRSG supplier: NEM
T/G supplier: GE , Skoda
EPC: Iberinco, Latvijas Energoceltniek, Siltumelektroprojekts
Quick facts: The Riga-2 CCGT steam component started up on 13 Jan 2009 and was formally opened on 6 May 2009 with Latvian President Valdis Zatler, Spain's King Juan Carlos, Latvenergo President Karlis Mikelsons, and Iberdrola Chairman Ignacio Galan in attendance. Construction on the 178mn project got underway on 13 Sep 2006.

Photograph courtesy of Siltumelektroprojekts
Posted 2 Nov 2011


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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