CCGT Plants in Africa - other countries
Ampco Methanol
Location: Equatorial Guinea
Operator: Atlantic Methanol Production Co
Configuration: 2 X 5.25 MW Typhoon gas turbines
Operation: 2000
Fuel: gas
T/G supplier: Ruston
EPC: Stewart & Stevenson
Quick facts: These machines provide power to the Ampco methanol plant and other parts of the Punta Europa industrial complex on Bioco Island.

Photograph courtesy of Ministerio de Minas, Industria y Energia
Posted 19 Nov 2008

Cote Mateve
Location: Congo Republic
Operator: CEC - Centrale Electrique du Congo
Configuration: 2 X 150-MW V94.2 gas turbines
Operation: 2010-2011
Fuel: natural gas
T/G supplier: Ansaldo
EPC: Elettra Progetti
Quick facts: This power station is in a suburb of Pointe-Noire near the Djeno oil terminal. It was completed in Jun 2012. Fuel is associated gas from the M'boundi oilfields in Kouilou department. CEC is and SPV owned by the Republic of Congo (80%) and Eni Congo (20%). The plant is planned for eventual conversion to combined-cycle operation.

Photograph courtesy of
Posted 13 Oct 2012

Dr Sherief (Khartoum North) GT 3&4
Location: Sudan
Operator: National Electricity Corp (NEC)
Configuration: 2 X 25-MW 5001NPPP gas turbines
Operation: 2005
Fuel: diesel oil
T/G supplier: AEG
EPC: Lahmeyer International
Quick facts: During the period Nov 2000 to Apr 2001, these two 25yr old machines were relocated from the BEW Gersthofen power station in Germany to the Khartoum North site. The machines were originally installed by BEW in 1974. Lahmeyer was later awarded an O&M contract for the two units. Dr Sherief is connected to the 110kV grid.

Photograph courtesy of Lahmeyer International
Posted 10 Nov 2007

El Gaili CC
Location: Sudan
Operator: National Electricity Corp (NEC)
Configuration: 2 X 100-MW, 2+1 CCGT blocks with 6001B gas turbines
Operation: 2003-2004
Fuel: diesel oil
HRSG supplier: Nooter
T/G supplier: Alstom, Nanjing
EPC: Harbin Power Engineering Co, Northeast Electric Power Design Institute, SEPCO
Quick facts: In May 2001, Harbin Power Engineering signed a $140mn contract to build this thermal plant at at Garri along with a transmission line and a substation. In Oct 2001, China Eximbank and HPE signed an agreement for a RMB 1.08bn loan for the construction of the new power station, making it the first project of its kind completely undertaken by Chinese enterprises. The Alstom 6001B gas turbines in the CCGT blocks were originally bought for the Alpha Power CCGT project in Thailand.

Photograph courtesy of SEPCO
Posted 23 Mar 2011

Location: Tanzania
Operator: Tanzania Electric Supply Co Ltd
Configuration: 4 X 44.5-MW LM6000PF gas turbines
Operation: 2015
Fuel: jet fuel, natural gas
T/G supplier: GE
EPC: Jacobsen Elektro
Quick facts: Kinyerezi-I was financed through the US-led Power Africa initiative. It connects to a substation on Nyerere road near the Julius Nyerere International Airport. This project cost about $183mn and was launched by President Jakaya Kikwete on 14 Oct 2015.

Photograph courtesy of
Posted 17 Oct 2015

Location: Botswana
Operator: Botswana Power Corp
Configuration: 2 X 45-MW LM6000 gas turbines
Operation: 2011
Fuel: diesel oil
T/G supplier: GE
EPC: ISTROENERGO GROUP as, Integrated Engineers, Gut & Mas, Debswana
Quick facts: This project was built by Debswana Diamond Co near the BPC substation at the Orapa diamond mining complex. At completion, the scheme was handed over to BPC for operation. Preliminary design began in Nov 2008, construction was permissioned in Nov 2009, and the mechanical contractors moved onsite in Jan 2010. Project completion was in Jun 2011 at a final cost of Pula 730mn. The dual-fuel machines may be switched over to CBM from Kalahari Energy if the fuel becomes available in the future.

Photograph courtesy of Debswana
Posted 31 Mar 2012

Location: Reunion
Operator: Electricite de France
Configuration: 1 x 40 MW 6001B
Operation: 2002
Fuel: diesel oil
T/G supplier: GE
Quick facts: The Port-Est site is in La Baie.

Photograph courtesy of SDEM Entreprises
Posted 5 Oct 2008

Location: Tanzania
Operator: Globeleq
Configuration: 2 X 18.5-MW GT10, 2 X 37.5 MW LM6000 gas turbines
Operation: 1994-1995
Fuel: natural gas, oil
T/G supplier: Stal, GE
Quick facts: In June 2004, Globeleq announced the start of gas-fired operation of 110 MW at Ubungo. Fuel conversion was part of the $260mn Songas gas-to-power project which brings natural gas to Dar es Salaam through a 225km pipeline from a gas processing plant on Songo Songo Island.

Photograph courtesy of Globeleq
Posted 28 Jul 2004

Location: Tanzania
Operator: Tanzania Electric Supply Co Ltd
Configuration: 3 X 33 MW SGT-800LM6000 gas turbines
Operation: 2012
Fuel: natural gas
T/G supplier: Siemens
EPC: Jacobsen Elektro
Quick facts: In Jul 2011, Siemens Energy secured an order from Jacobsen Elektro for three gas turbines to extend the Tanesco Ubungo power plant. The machines are fueled from the Songo Songo gas field off the coast of Tanzania. After 14mos of construction, the new plant was inaugurated on 1 July 2012.

Photograph courtesy of Jacobsen Elektro
Posted 25 Jul 2012


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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