Biomass Power Plants in Europe - Portugal & Spain
Bioelectrica Linares
Location: Jaén (ES)
Operator: Valoriza Energia
Configuration: 1 X 15 MW
Operation: 2010
Fuel: olive pulp, biomass
Boiler supplier: Gestamp
T/G supplier: Thermodyn, Jumont
EPC: Iberese
Quick facts: This biopower plant near the Rio Guadalbullón is part of a copmlex processing from 180-210,000 tpy of pomace oil and includes all required infrastructure including two cogen plants, one gas engine and one steam-electric. The grate boiler can burn up to 16.5 tph of material.

Photograph courtesy of Genelek Sistemas SL
Posted 29 Oct 2012

Location: Burgos (ES)
Operator: Acciona Energia
Configuration: 1 X 18 MW
Operation: 2010
Fuel: straw, agricultural waste
Boiler supplier: Temisa
T/G supplier: Tosi
EPC: Acciona, GHESA
Quick facts: This plant started up 3mo of trial operation on 3 Sep 2010 at a cost of €50. Design fuel burn is 102,000mt of straw and agricultural waste and plant operations will result in the creation of around 100 permanent jobs. The plant development company is invested by Acciona and Ente Regional de la Energía (EREN) of the Castilla y Leon, which has a 15% stake. Acciona has medium- and long-term fuel supply contracts with over 100 farmers and 38 companies from Burgos and Palencia provinces.

Photograph courtesy of Acciona Energia
Posted 3 Oct 2010

Location: Guadalajara (ES)
Operator: Iberdrola Renovables
Configuration: 1 X 2 MW
Operation: 2009
Fuel: wood
Boiler supplier: Biochamm Caldeiras
T/G supplier: Pasch
EPC: Iberinco, Tamoin
Quick facts: This plant was opened on 29 Jul 2009 at a site adjacent to the Alto Tajo Natural Park in Guadalajara. It the first installation in Spain which exclusively uses forest waste from cleaning and fire prevention campaigns for power generation. Approximately 250 people are employed in fuel collection and transportation along with some 30 staff onsite. The project took about 2yrs from conception to operation.

Photograph courtesy of Iberdrola
Re-posted 1 Jun 2013

Ence Merida
Location: Badajoz (ES)
Operator: Grupo Ence
Configuration: 1 X 20 MW
Operation: 2014
Fuel: wood
Boiler supplier: Termisa
T/G supplier: Siemens, Indar
EPC: Sener
Quick facts: This plant uses mainly poplar and eucalyptus wood for fuel. Operation was in Apr 2014. The plant coast €80.9mn. Annual production is around 160 GWh.

Photograph courtesy of Sener
Posted 27 Aug 2016

Location: Malaga (ES)
Operator: Valoriza Energia
Configuration: 1 X 9.15 MW steam, 17.5-MW, 1+1 CCGT
Operation: 2002
Fuel: agricultural waste, natural gas
Boiler/HRSG supplier: KEM, Deltak
T/G supplier: Dresser, Nadrowski, Indar, Solar
EPC: Iberese
Quick facts: This plant has a CCGT block to dry alperujo (olive oil sludge) and a biomass unit to burn the material. In 2005, the biomass boiler ESP and cyclone were changed out for a baghouse. The Olexra plant is in Villanueva de Algaidas, Málaga.

Photograph courtesy of Grupo SyV
Posted 6 Feb 2011

Location: Viseu (PT)
Operator: Enenova
Configuration: 1 X 9 MW
Operation: 1999
Fuel: wood
Boiler supplier: Volund
T/G supplier: Ansaldo

Photograph courtesy of EDP Group
Posted 8 May 2004

Pata de Mulo
Location: Castellon (ES)
Operator: Valoriza Energia
Configuration: 1 X 9.8 MW steam, 17.5-MW, 1+1 CCGT
Operation: 2004
Fuel: agricultural waste, natural gas
Boiler/HRSG supplier: GEA, SK
T/G supplier: Navantia, Indar, Solar
EPC: Iberese
Quick facts: This is one of five facilities built by Valoriza with a CCGT block to dry alperujo and a biomass unit to burn the material. This was equipped from startup with multiclones and a baghouse. The plant is in Puente Genil, Cordoba.

Photograph courtesy of Grupo SyV
Re-posted 25 Feb 2012

Location: Vila Real (PT)
Operator: EDP Producao Bioelectrica
Configuration: 1 X 11 MW CHP
Operation: 2007
Fuel: wood, agricultural waste
Boiler supplier: Kvaerner Pulping
T/G supplier: Siemens, AVK
Quick facts: This power plant is at the Rodao Paper Mill in Vila Velha de Rodao, Vila Real district, about 290km northeast of Lisbon. The plant cost about €30mn and opened in Mar 2007. It is expected to consume about 160,000 tpy of forest residues.

Photograph courtesy of Caima Energia
Posted 16 May 2007

Location: Navarra (ES)
Operator: EHN Group
Configuration: 1 X 30 MW
Operation: 2002
Fuel: straw
Boiler supplier: FLS Miljo
T/G supplier: Alstom
Quick facts: Sanguesa started trial operations in in 2002 and burns about 160,000mt/yr of straw. In 2003, Acciona acquired a 50% stake in EHN.

Photograph courtesy of EHN Group
Posted 17 Mar 2004

Santa Maria
Location: Aveiro (PT)
Operator: Central Biomassa Terras de Santa Maria
Configuration: 1 X 10.75 MW
Operation: 2009
Fuel: wood, bark
Boiler supplier: KEM
T/G supplier: Peter Brotherhood
EPC: Energetus
Quick facts: In Mar 2005, this biomass power plant on the outskirts of Aveiro was tendered. In Dec 2006, Energetus placed a €2mn order with Peter Brotherhood for the steam turbine set for the project, which is designed to burn cork powder and wood chips from forestry thinnings. KEM A/S also supplied the multiclones and ESP for the new unit, which went online in Jan 2008.

Photograph courtesy of KEM A/S
Posted 9 Jan 2010

Termosolar Borges
Location: Lleida (ES)
Operator: Abantia
Configuration: 1 X 25 MW
Operation: 2012
Fuel: wood, solar troughs
Boiler supplier: INTEC Engineering
T/G supplier: MAN Diesel & Turbo
EPC: Abantia, Siemens
Quick facts: This unique project was built on a 70ha site at a cost of €153mn. The plant has a pair of parallel solid-fuel grate bilers plus gas burners. Developers also installed two fields comprising 2,688 parabolic tough collectors, installed by Siemens, and a specially-designed MARC-R steam turbine comprising a backpressure machine and a condensing machine. The unit was synchronized on 30 Nov 2012 after 20mos of construction. The project was a joint development of Abantia and Comsa Emte.

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Posted 30 Jan 2013


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