Biomass Power Plants in Germany - other Länder

Location: SH
Operator: NovusEnergy
Configuration: 1 X 7.5 MW CHP
Operation: 2008
Fuel: wood, urban greenwaste
Boiler supplier: Bertsch
T/G supplier: MAN Turbo
EPC: NovusEnergie, Seeger
Quick facts: This plant was built in ChemCoast Park Brunsbüttel near the TOTAL-Bitumenwerkes, an industrial facility that takes off process steam. The biomass CHP plant cost €24mn and took 2yrs to buildand Stadtwerke Flensburg is a partner in the project. Fuel is about 80,000 tpy of waste wood and urban greenwaste. The plant commissioned 27 Oct 2008.

Photograph courtesy of NovusEnergie
Posted 16 Oct 2005

Location: RP
Operator: BHKW Flohr GmbH
Configuration: 1 X 7.5 MW CHP
Operation: 2005
Fuel: wood, natural gas
Boiler supplier: Wulff
T/G supplier: B+V
Quick facts: This €25mn plant is a joint venture of STEAG (51%) and Flohr-Gruppe (49%). It is designed to burn about 62,500 tpy of wood plus natural gas.

Photograph courtesy of STEAG
Posted 16 Oct 2005

BHKW Gropiusstadt
Location: BE
Operator: RWE Innogy Cogen
Configuration: 1 X 20 MW CHP
Operation: 2006
Fuel: wood
Boiler supplier: SEU Schenkel
T/G supplier: Siemens
Quick facts: The Neukölln/Gropiusstadt plant supplies electricity to the grid and heating services to about 50,000 residents. The scheme includes three 33 MWt gas-fired boilers for peaking service.

Photograph courtesy of RWE AG
Posted 25 Apr 2010

Ingelheim Pharma
Location: RP
Operator: Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH
Configuration: 1 X 10 MW CHP
Operation: 1983
Fuel: wood
Boiler supplier: AET
T/G supplier: ??
Quick facts: This industrial coal-fired CHP plant was rebuilt and converted to waste wood firing in 2004.

Photograph courtesy of Aalborg Energie Technik a/s
Posted 9 Jan 2011

Location: RP
Operator: RWE/OIG AG
Configuration: 1 X 8.5 MW CHP
Operation: 2003
Fuel: wood
Boiler supplier: Tlmace
T/G supplier: Alstom
Quick facts: This plant supplies local district heating and also suplies companies in ÖKOMPARK in Birkenfeld.

Photograph courtesy of M+W Group
Posted 21 Apr 2011

Location: SL
Operator: SFW GmbH
Configuration: 1 X 500 kW CHP
Operation: 2003
Fuel: wood
Boiler supplier: ??
T/G supplier: ??
Quick facts: This CHP plant serves the KonWerl 2010 industrial zone established on former military properties. It is mainly for heat supply and has two gas-fired hot-water boilers and a small high-pressure biomass boiler. About 90% of the wood supply is from industrial scrap and the rest is from forest and sawmill remainders.

Photograph courtesy of STEAG
Posted 16 Oct 2005


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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