Biomass Power Plants in China
Baoying Cogen
Location: Jiangsu
Operator: GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 15 MW CHP

Fuel: biomass
Operation: 2005
Boiler supplier: Jinan Boiler Group
T/G supplier: Nanjing
Quick facts: This plant is at Bayong EDZ and has two CFB boilers online in Apr and Jun 2005. A third biomass boiler went online in Nov 2007.

Photograph courtesy of GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd
Posted 4 Jul 2010

Location: Jilin
Operator: Huaneng Jilin Power Generation Co Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 25 MW CHP
Fuel: ag waste
Operation: 2010
Boiler supplier: Taishan
T/G supplier: Qingdao Jieneng Turbine
Quick facts: Seven distributed biomass collection and storage locations were developed to support the Chancun plant. It connects to the Yanbian grid via Wangqing Sustation. Heat is supplied the local heating company.

Photograph courtesy of China Huaneng
Posted 1 Oct 2011

Guoxin Huaian
Location: Jiangsu
Operator: Jiangsu Guoxin New Energy Development Co
Configuration: 2 X 15 MW
Fuel: straw
Operation: 2007
Boiler supplier: Wuxi Huaguang Boiler
T/G supplier: Qingdao Jieneng Turbine, Shandong Jinan
EPC: GCL, A-Power
Quick facts: This biomass project is in the Chuzhou Economic Development District.

Photograph courtesy of Jiangsu Jingling Electric Steel Structure Co
Re-posted 8 Dec 2013

Location: Shandong
Operator: Shandong Pingyuan Hanyuan Green Energy Co Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 15 MW CHP
Operation: 2012
Fuel: wood
Boiler supplier: Guangzhou Skoda-Jinma Tubine
T/G supplier: ??
EPC: GS E&C, Sepco No 1, Yantai Haide Construction Co
Quick facts: This biomass power project in the Pingyuan Co EDZ, Dezhou City, is jointly-invested by GS EPS, eco-Frontier, and Hanyuan Green Energy. Ground breaking was in Jul 2011 and the plant completed in Nov 2011. Design throughput is 200,000 tpy of woody biomass.

Photograph courtesy of GS EPS Co Ltd
Posted 28 Aug 2013

Location: Hubei
Operator: Wuhan Kaidi Power Investment Co Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 12 MW CHP
Operation: 2010
Fuel: agricultural waste
Boiler supplier: Jiangxi Jianglian
T/G supplier: Nanjing
EPC: Wuhan Kaidi
Quick facts: This biomass power project is in Chidong Industry Area, Qichun County. Design fuel is about 185,700 tpy of biomass including rice husk, rice straw, cotton straw and oil seed rape straw burned in two CFB boilers. It is is one of several dozen, series-built biomass power projects being implemented by Wuhan Kaidi in China. The electricity generated is sent out from a 110kV switchyard at the plant to a 220kV substation in Qichun on the Central China Power Grid. Heat is sent out to nearby buildings.

Photograph courtesy of Wuhan Kaidi Power Investment Co Ltd
Posted 28 Mar 2010

Location: Jiangsu
Operator: China Energy Conservation Investment Corp
Configuration: 2 X 12 MW
Operation: 2006
Fuel: straw
Boiler supplier: Shanghai
T/G supplier: ??
Quick facts: This is China’s first operating straw-fired power station. The 248mn yuan project is expected to burn 170,000-200,000 tons of straw and generate 132 GWh/yr. The plant has a vibrating stoker system co-developed by CECIC and Zhejiang University. There is one extraction stream turbine and one condensing machine.

Photograph courtesy of China Energy Conservation Investment Corp
Posted 15 Jul 2007


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