Biomass Power Plants in Africa
Makeni Ethanol
Location: Sierra Leone
Operator: Addax Bioenergy Management SA
Configuration: 1 X 32-MW CHP
Operation: 2014
Fuel: bagasse
Boiler supplier: ISGEC
T/G supplier: Siemens
EPC: ISGEC, CSL Senegal sarl
Quick facts: This refinery complex is in Bombali and Tonkolili districts in northern Sierra Leone. The scheme is supported by 150 cane fields over 10,000ha of irrigated plantations and employs about 3,400 persons in total. The cost of the project was over €400mn. Construction took from 2009 to 2014 and was funded by project owner Addax & Oryx Group and 8 development finance groups from Africa and Europe. Financial close was in Dec 2011. This was Sierra Leone's first IPP and has a 20yr PPA with production of about 100 GWh/yr for the grid. Development was severaly impacted by sugar and ethanol market condtions, local logisticds, and by West Africa's ebola outbreak.

Photograph courtesy of Addax Bioenergy Management SA
Posted 30 Sep 2015

Kibena Tanwat
Location: Tanzania
Operator: Tanganyika Wattle Co Ltd
Configuration: 1 X 2.- MW CHP
Operation: 1995
Fuel: wood
Boiler supplier: Titan Towler, MechMar Sdn Bhd
T/G supplier: Terry, AVK
EPC: Atkins
Quick facts: Tanwat was founded in 1949 by Commonwealth Development Corp and has established over 15,000ha of sustainable forest, mostly the wattle tree. The original business comprising production of mimosa extract has been mostly phased out and Tanwat has now moved into new agro and forest products businesses. This includes power generation and distribution to Tanesco, the Kibena Tea Factory, and local infrastructure.

Photograph courtesy of Tanganyika Wattle Co Ltd
Posted 1 Aug 2012


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

Updated 30-Sep-2015